How many travelers participate in tours, activities & attractions on trips?

Published February 2018 Analyst: Douglas Quinby


How many travelers participate in tours, activities & attractions on trips?

The answer is more than any other type of travel product, including flights, hotels, private accommodation, car rental or cruise. According to Phocuswright's annual U.S. Consumer Travel Report, 80% of U.S. travelers participated in some type of tour, activity, event or ticketed attraction on their last leisure trip. Comparatively, just 42% flew, 65% stayed in a hotel, 15% booked some type of private accommodation, and 21% booked a rental car. Participation in tours and activities is even higher for younger travelers (86% for 18-34-year-olds), as well as for international travelers and leisure travelers who also traveled for business (89% for both groups).

Day tours and sightseeing are the most popular, especially with millennials (50% participated in an excursion or sightseeing experience). Approximately 30% of travelers visited a museum, cultural attraction or participated in an outdoor activity. The demand for activities is greatest among millennials, travel's largest generational segment. Their strong interest in both travel and travel activities will continue to drive growth for the in-destination sector.

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