When They Get There: Activities, Attractions, Events and Tours in Europe

When They Get There: Activities, Attractions, Events and Tours in Europe Published March 2014 Analysts: Cathy Walsh, Douglas Quinby


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In-destination activities are often central to the leisure travel experience – yet the activities, attractions, events and tours that travelers engage in once they arrive in their destination have been largely excluded from the broader travel distribution ecosystem. In the past decade, however, excitement over travel activities has grown as technological innovation creates fresh prospects for online and mobile distribution. While the segment's substantial complexity and fragmentation inhibit rapid change, significant opportunity remains.

Phocuswright's When They Get There (and Why they Go): Activities, Attractions, Events and Tours in Europe provides a definitive view of the travel activities opportunity in Europe with a comprehensive look at more than 30 types of travel activities across five key countries in Europe – France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the U.K. The report provides insight into progress made in the broader travel activities ecosystem in the past several years and examines lingering barriers to online and mobile activities growth.

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Key topics include:

  • Market sizing and forecasts for the European travel activities market from 2012-2015, including breakouts by activity type
  • In-depth analysis of the travel activities opportunity, including key players, marketplace dynamics, and prospects for new entrants, established players and would-be disruptors
  • Traveler behavior in relation to in-destination services, including research, shopping and booking trends; key drivers and inhibitors; advance purchase patterns; and the importance of individual activities within the trip lifecycle
  • The role and impact of emerging technologies, including reservation and distribution technologies, social media and mobile
  • Challenges and opportunities for travel suppliers, distributors and technology providers
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Section One – Overview
Six Key Questions
Key Findings
Key Terms and Definitions

Section Two – Market Structure and Size
The Long Tail of Travel Activities
Size of Market
The Online Activities Market
Travel Activities Market Forecast

Section Three – The European Active Traveler
Active Traveler Profile
Travel Activity Behavior
The Advance Purchase Opportunity

Section Four – Marketing and Distribution
Influencing Travel Activity Decisions
Educate to Influence
Booking Decisions
The Activity Provider View



Activity Providers' Annual Gross Sales Revenue, 2012

Activity Groups, Types and Segments

Total U.S. and European Travel Activities Market Gross Bookings, 2012

European Travel Market by Segment, 2012

European Travel Activities Market Gross Bookings and Share by Country, 2012

European Five Travel Activities, Revenue by Activity Type, 2012

Top Travel Activities by Gross Bookings by Market

Channel Share of Travel Activities for European Five by Market, 2012

Total and Online Travel Activities Gross Bookings and Online Penetration by Country, 2012

European Five Total and Online Travel Activities Gross Bookings Share by Activity, 2012

European Total and Online Travel Activities Markets Gross Bookings and Annual Change, 2012-2015

European Online Travel Activities Market and Intermediary Share, 2012-2015

Population Profile for the European Five

Active Tour Traveler and Non-Active Traveler Use of Computers and Mobile Devices When Shopping for Travel, 2013

Mean Number of Trips to a Destination, by Market

Activity Priority Profiles and Attributes

Activity Priority Profiles for All Activities

Importance and Booking Window by Activity

Incidence of Advance vs. In-Destination Activity Purchase

The Advance Purchase Opportunity: Museums and Water-Based Adventures

Information Sources Used by Active Travelers to Research Activities

Websites Used by Active Travelers to Research Activities

Features Influencing Activity Selection/Participation

Reasons for Not Booking Activity Online

Reasons for Booking Activity Online

Smartphone/Tablet Ownership Among Active Travelers

Use of Data Plans on Mobile Devices During International Travel

Smartphone/Tablet Capabilities, Use and Intentions

Methods of Managing Inventory Allocations with Distributors

Methods of Handling Reservations With Distributors

Technology Use, Incidence and Intentions Among Activity Providers

Distribution Channel Performance, Expected Change, 2013

When They Get There (and Why They Go): Activities, Attractions, Events and Tours in Europe charts the European travel activities landscape. This study has the following objectives:

Size the travel opportunity for events and activities in Europe, with a focus on the U.K., France, Germany, Spain and Italy.
Assess how travelers plan, shop for and book activities.
Understand the role and impact of emerging technologies on the activities segment, including distribution technologies, social media and mobile.
Identify the opportunities and challenges involved in the travel industry's participation in this important but understudied market segment.
This study incorporated three major research components:

Consumer survey: Phocuswright conducted a projectable online survey in 2013 of over 1,000 qualifying active travelers per country across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. This 23-question survey was fielded to adults (age 18+) who had taken at least one leisure trip in the past year that included one or more of the qualifying activity types (see Key Terms and Definitions). Respondents had to have access to the Internet; be involved in planning their trip (be a travel decision-maker); and have taken a leisure trip that included flight by commercial air, rail or paid accommodation over the past year. Respondents were sourced from independent panel firm Global Market Insite. Survey results are projectable with a ±3% margin of error at a 95% confidence level. Note: Because Italy and Spain have a lower online penetration among the adult population in comparison to France, Germany and the U.K., survey results in the Spanish and Italian markets may be less representative of all adult travelers and not fully capture the purchasing and behavior of travelers who do not use the Internet regularly at home.
Activity provider survey: Phocuswright conducted an online survey of 196 global travel activity providers (tours, activities, events, attractions, etc.). The survey was fielded by GetYourGuide, Leisure Pass Group, TUI and Viator. The results apply to activities providers that work through the distribution companies that fielded this survey and should not be considered representative of all activity providers. Survey results have a ±7% margin of error at a 95% confidence level. Monetary values are presented in U.S. dollars (US$).
Executive interviews: Phocuswright conducted more than 20 in-depth interviews with senior executives across the activity provider and travel distribution landscape, including OTAs, OASs, activity providers and technology companies.
Phocuswright sized the market (e.g., population, activity gross bookings, online sales) by projecting consumer survey results against the relevant total activity provider population. Market sizing projections include travel-related consumption of and spend on activities by European active travelers for qualifying leisure travel. Market sizing excludes spend on these activities by local residents as well as such spend by travelers when they are not traveling. Projections have been cross-checked against – and occasionally adjusted to reflect – results from the provider survey, interview results and (where available) third-party data sources. Totals in some charts may not add to 100% due to rounding.

For Internet penetration of the total adult populations, Phocuswright used Eurostat 2011 incidence of adults (aged 16-74) who used the Internet at least weekly during the last three months of 2011. The surveys were conducted online. Again, because of lower Internet penetration among the adult populations in Spain and Italy, results for those markets may not reflect the total population of adults who travel and purchase activities when traveling, but instead reflect a smaller segment of active travelers who are Internet users. As a result, for Spain and Italy, this study may undersize total travel activity spend and oversize certain segments, such as online penetration.

Market sizing for the total European travel activities market includes Switzerland, Norway, and the first 15 European Union (EU) countries. Market sizing for the European Five includes France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K.

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