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Participate in intimate, off-record curated roundtable discussions based on your business interests, moderated by industry experts and Phocuswright analysts. The Phocuswright Think Tank roundtable discussions are an opportunity for you to get together with like-minded attendees and industry experts in an informal setting to examine issues as they relate to the table topic. A limited number of seats are available in each event in order to facilitate meaningful conversations and networking opportunities for the participants. Apply early!

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Past 2022 Meetings:

August 11, 2022 - Phocuswright Think Tank: Travel and Web3 - What does it mean?

The web is evolving, and this will impact all industries as well as travel. Travel players are learning how to re-envision their business in this future environment and those who aren’t taking a risk are being left behind if the revolution succeeds. Join the discussion as we will make a first attempt to gather insights and understandings on how to navigate the upcoming decade as new opportunities and risks come into light in a decentralized world.

  • Alex Lamb, CTO, Arise Travel
  • Don Birch, CEO, Simard
  • Cynthia Huang, Head of Demand Growth, Dtravel
  • Eitan Shopen, Co-founder & CEO, Columbus Labs

March 10, 2022 - Phocuswright Think Tank: Fostering Innovation - Evolving How BigCos Work with Startups

A successful B2B travel startup requires viable commercial partners to validate and improve their technology, service and solution. However establishing a pilot with a large established travel company is an extremely challenging, time-intensive proposition. While travel’s BigCo leaders like to tout how they rely on startups to help them innovate, they fail to walk the talk.

  • Nadim El Manawy, Co-Founder & CEO, Arive Travel
  • Stephen Snyder, Managing Director, Jetblue Technology Ventures
  • Cara Whitehill, Founder, Unlock Advisors

February 10, 2022 - Phocuswright Think Tank: (R)Evolution of Corporate Travel

Covid-19 decimated business travel, but the longer term impact of the pandemic on the future of work has the potential to permanently rewrite the rules for corporate travel. Join us to discuss what the future of business travel looks like and hear from the leading tech players on how they are planning to win in this transformed market.

  • Miriam Moscovici, Senior Director, Research and Innovation, BCD Travel
  • Leslie Hadden, Director, Global Travel & Transportation, LinkedIn
  • Adam Shamam, Chief Strategy Officer, MAX-Security Solutions Ltd.
  • Johnny Thorsen, Vice-President, Strategy and Partnerships, Spotnana

January 13, 2022 - Phocuswright Think Tank: Mapping the Opportunities for Travel in the Creator Economy

The creator economy is heating up and represents a huge untapped audience for travel companies to partner with to woo undecided travelers. How can the industry leverage content creators and their services (videos, art, newsletters, games, courses, etc.), find the relevant audience and generate value? The challenge will continue to be finding niches that can start small, but have the potential to be very large over a relatively short period of time.

  • Juliana Broste, Travel Video Journalist, TravelingJules
  • Fabian Dagostin, CEO, Street Life
  • Dustin Goot, Head of Creator Monetization, TikTok
  • Gary Kohn, Co-Founder, Luxury Travel Hackers

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