Analyst Susan Steinbrink

Susan Steinbrink

Senior Research and Corporate Market AnalystSusan Steinbrink

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States

Ms. Steinbrink specializes in consumer research development and corporate travel. She has authored and co-authored numerous publications for Phocuswright, including several editions of Consumer Travel Trends Survey, European Consumer Travel Trends Survey, as well as holding responsibility for the corporate research for Groups and Meetings: Market Opportunity Redefined. Susan is also president of Market Architext, which helps its clients develop retail, travel and Internet strategies. She has 15 years of travel industry experience rooted in primary research, marketplace intelligence and customer feedback. Prior to founding Market Architext in 1998, she was director of worldwide marketing, research and strategic planning for Rosenbluth International. Susan holds a B.S. in marketing from the University of Delaware.

Areas of Research
Susan Steinbrink is a trusted travel industry analyst and has an unmatched comprehensive understanding of the corporate travel market. Her research and analysis allow travel companies to make sound strategic decisions to capture new business and succeed in the competitive consumer travel landscape.

Susan Steinbrink at the 2010 Phocuswright Conference

Travel Research From Susan Steinbrink

Behavioral Targeting: Marketing 101 Meets Web 2.0

Behavioral Targeting: Marketing 101 Meets Web 2.0

Category: Technology Innovation Published: April 2012 Analysts: Susan Steinbrink US $450

Personalization is about delivering the right content to the right traveler at the right time, and getting it right requires leveraging company data about the customer — demographics, lifestyle...

Real and Virtual Meeting Technology

Category: Business Travel Published: September 2011 Analysts: Norm Rose, Susan Steinbrink US $350

Virtual meeting technology, social media and rich, always-on mobile applications are reshaping the end-to-end meeting experience. This article discusses the myriad new options available for meeting...

Presentation - Groups and Meetings: Driving Success in Business Travel's Most Complex Segment

Category: Business Travel Published: February 2011 Analysts: Douglas Quinby, Susan Steinbrink US $199

This one-hour recorded Online Event will utilize key findings from Phocuswright's recent report focused on the groups and meetings market and will address the size and structure of the groups and...

Presentation - Clearing the Air: How the Airline-Intermediary Battles Will Reshape Travel Distribution

Category: Social & Search Published: January 2011 Analysts: Carroll Rheem, Susan Steinbrink, Bob Offutt, Douglas Quinby US $199

In this one-hour recorded Online Event Phocuswright Analysts unbundle the hyperbole around airline direct connects, segment fees, merchandizing and more.

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