Analyst Mike Gerra

Mike Gerra

Technology AnalystMike Gerra

Keller, Texas United States

Mike is an experienced software technologist, strategist and business writer. He has a deep combination of business, analytical, technical and creative skills, gained in the IT travel and transportation industry. Mike possesses an extensive background in enterprise and consumer market and vendor research, competitive and emerging technology analysis, strategy development, solution design, product incubation and development, business consulting, and internal and external communications. He is currently a principal at MGerra Associates, which provides bespoken business and technical consulting services to travel industry clients. Previously, Mike held various positions at Sabre (marketing and strategy, product R&D), American Airlines (technology innovation, architecture, system design) and British Airways (operations research, system development). He holds three patents for his work integrating Internet and legacy computer systems. His experience embraces much of the information systems lifecycle: business case development, market research, product marketing, systems architecture, project management and planning, information modeling and system design and development. He holds a B.S. in psychology and computer science from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.

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Geo-Services: Key Drivers and Technologies

Geo-Services: Key Drivers and Technologies

Category: Social & Search Published: March 2013 Analysts: Michael Gerra US $350

Geographic data and maps are critical components of daily life for people and businesses alike. Today, services based on digital maps and geographic data have become embedded in modern culture. This...

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