Analyst Marcello Gasdia

Marcello Gasdia

Director, Consumer ResearchMarcello Gasdia

New York, New York United States

Mr. Gasdia joins Phocuswright with a background in applied market research. With an emphasis on quantitative methodology, Marcello applies skills that are fundamental to Phocuswright's consumer research projects including research design and implementation, statistical analysis and meaningful dissemination. Marcello holds an M.S. degree in applied social research from the City University of New York: Hunter College where his research focused on consumer behavior and the impact of technology on service sector markets.

Travel Research From Marcello Gasdia

Traveler Technology Survey 2011

Category: Consumer Trends Published: November 2011 Analysts: Carroll Rheem, Marcello Gasdia US $1,295

Social networks and the mobile Internet have begun to exert a strong influence on how consumers plan, purchase and experience their leisure travel. Phocuswright's Traveler Technology Survey 2011...

Destination Unknown: How U.S. and European Travelers Decide Where to Go 2011

Category: Consumer Trends Published: November 2011 Analysts: Marcello Gasdia, Cathy Walsh US $795

Consumers take into account a broad range of factors when deciding where to spend their hard-earned leisure travel time. This report delivers in-depth analysis of the destination selection process,...

European Consumer Travel Report Second Edition

Category: Consumer Trends Published: October 2011 Analysts: Carroll Rheem, Marcello Gasdia, Colie Hoffman US $1,695

While European consumer confidence in the wake of the 2009 recession has undoubtedly bounced back throughout the Continent, the quality and extent of the recovery has varied considerably from one...

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