Analyst Deepak Jain

Deepak Jain

Manager, Data and AnalyticsDeepak Jain

Indore India

Mr. Jain serves on Phocuswright's Asia Pacific team. His research and analytics skills make him an essential part of many research projects including Phocuswright's Emerging Online Travel Marketplace in China, Social Media in Travel, Indian Online Travel Overview and more. Deepak is an engineering graduate from Bhopal University and also holds post graduate diploma in advanced computing.

Travel Research From Deepak Jain

China Online Travel Traffic Report

Category: Published: August 2011 Analysts: Cathy Walsh, David Juman, Deepak Jain US $695

With the world’s largest Internet population and the second-largest travel industry in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, China’s online travel bookings will climb to nearly US$8 billion by 2012. This...

Global Online Travel Overview Second Edition Electronic Market Data Sheet

Category: Market Overview & Sizing Published: August 2011 Analysts: Lorraine Sileo, Deepak Jain

Here are the hard facts about the global travel market in easy-to-use tables.

Australia Online Travel Traffic Report

Category: Market Overview & Sizing Published: June 2011 Analysts: Chetan Kapoor, Deepak Jain, Douglas Quinby US $695

Compared to other APAC nations, Australia has an extremely dynamic ecommerce market and the highest online travel penetration rate (35%) in the region. This report analyzes Australian Web traffic,...

India Online Travel Traffic Report

Category: Social & Search Published: April 2011 Analysts: Cathy Walsh, Deepak Jain, Douglas Quinby US $695

India’s online travel market has grown significantly in a very short time period. Understanding this dynamic opportunity requires knowledge of complex consumer shopping behavior and the unique factors...

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