Analyst Cathy Walsh

Cathy Walsh

Senior Research AnalystCathy Walsh

Raleigh, North Carolina United States

An eight-year Phocuswright veteran, Ms. Walsh contributes to a range of research efforts as author and editor, with recent publications including In-Destination Events, Attractions & Activities: Europe, U.S. Mobile Travel Report: Market Sizing and Consumer Trends, and U.S. Online Travel Traffic Report. Cathy joined Phocuswright in 2005 to launch The Phocuswright Research Subscription: Technology Edition (now The Innovation Edition). Formerly director, communications, Cathy continues to create marketing content to promote Phocuswright research and events. Cathy gained travel industry expertise as editor of the trade newsletter Travel Distribution Report, where she produced news and analysis on travel distribution and technology. She is a cum laude graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received a M.A. in English from North Carolina State University, where her research focused on technology and culture.

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Areas of Research

Cathy's areas of expertise include online consumer technology, social networks, marketing and distribution strategy, and Internet trends, with a particular focus on emerging technologies.


Travel Research From Cathy Walsh

Asia Pacific Online Travel Traffic: Package (Australia, China, India, Japan)

Asia Pacific Online Travel Traffic: Package (Australia, China, India, Japan)

Category: Market Overview & Sizing Published: January 2012 Analysts: Deepak Jain, David Juman, Cathy Walsh, Chetan Kapoor, Douglas Quinby US $1,499

Phocuswright's Asia Pacific Online Travel Traffic: Package presents an overview of Web traffic and online travel shopping trends in Australia, China, India and Japan. The Asia Pacific travel market is...

Destination Unknown: How U.S. and European Travelers Decide Where to Go 2011

Category: Consumer Trends Published: November 2011 Analysts: Marcello Gasdia, Cathy Walsh US $795

Consumers take into account a broad range of factors when deciding where to spend their hard-earned leisure travel time. This report delivers in-depth analysis of the destination selection process,...

Presentation: Phocuswright's Consumer Traveler Technology Trends ? Sponsored by Kony

Category: Consumer Trends Published: November 2011 Analysts: Carroll Rheem, Cathy Walsh

The November 9, 2011 event - sponsored by Kony - highlights the travel-specific activities that consumers engage in through social media and on their mobile devices, and how this behavior impacts their...

U.S. Online Travel Overview Eleventh Edition

Category: Market Overview & Sizing Published: November 2011 Analysts: Douglas Quinby, Carroll Rheem, Mary Pat Sullivan, Cathy Walsh, Ivan Bekkers, Chetan Kapoor, Lorraine Sileo

Phocuswright has followed the evolution of online travel purchasing from its inception. Phocuswright’s U.S. Online Travel Overview Eleventh Edition is the industry standard for sizing and forecasting,...

China Online Travel Traffic Report

Category: Published: August 2011 Analysts: Cathy Walsh, David Juman, Deepak Jain US $695

With the world’s largest Internet population and the second-largest travel industry in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, China’s online travel bookings will climb to nearly US$8 billion by 2012. This...

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