Total Immersion in Travel Planning

Total Immersion in Travel Planning Published September 2019 Analyst: Cathy Walsh


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Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and the full spectrum of technologies that combine real and virtual worlds create intriguing possibilities for travel, tourism and hospitality. Over the last half decade, companies within and outside of travel have experimented with virtual objects and immersive experiences. The hardware and methods for delivering these experiences continue to develop, but a range of indicators suggest we are nearing an inflection point. While AR and VR largely have been treated as novelties to date, changes are coming that will put these technologies at the core of web development.

Although the immersive web is in its early stages, the ability to surface and deliver immersive experiences via a web browser has the potential to transform travel planning. In addition to continued technology improvements, changes in consumer shopping behavior are creating higher expectations for both online and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences. This article provides a look at the possibilities for immersive travel planning and explains why immersive strategy will soon be a key competitive differentiator for travel companies.

  • Introduction
  • A New Era of Shopping
  • Engaging the Senses
  • Enter the Immersive Web
  • The Travel Opportunity
  • Conclusion
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