Research Insights 4 trends point to positive outlook for major European markets

4 trends point to positive outlook for major European markets

December 2023
Phocuswright Research

Consumers in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Spain consistently rank travel as their highest-priority discretionary spending area, across a range of possible categories for spending their discretionary income. However, there are key differences in travel behavior across these markets.

According to Phocuswright’s latest travel research report Europe Consumer Travel 2023: Major Markets Compared, the outlook for travel in the next 12 months is generally positive for all major markets. Here are 4 trends that the research has uncovered:

  • Nearly all travelers in all countries expect to take at least one trip.
  • German travelers are the most likely to intend international travel, while those in Italy and Spain are most likely to stay domestic.
  • French travelers have a lower intention of booking both hotel and air, possibly due to their higher cost-sensitivity.
  • In contrast, Germans, being least sensitive, exhibit a higher intention to travel abroad.

Phocuswright Chart: Expected Travel Next 12 Months Europe

This report is based on a comprehensive survey of U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Spain consumers who traveled in 2022, along with those who planned to travel in 2023. It compares these European markets’ consumer trip-planning and purchasing behavior, including the impact of emerging technologies on the travel planning process, as well as their expectations and goals for travel looking forward.

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