Indian Consumer Travel Report 2017

Indian Consumer Travel Report 2017 Published March 2018 Analysts: Chetan Kapoor, Bing Liu, Cathy Walsh, Deepak Jain


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With positive macro factors in place, India’s online travel bookings are thriving, with double-digit growth projected through 2021. As Indian travelers have gained travel experience, their travel frequency has increased, and more are venturing out beyond the country’s borders for the first time. This report provides insight into the Indian online leisure traveler, including general traveler behavior, motivations, purchase incidence and spend, as well as research, shopping and booking practices.

The report also includes an in-depth look at travelers’ most-significant trip – the one where they spend the most money or time. This examination provides guidance on traveler behavior when planning the primary leisure trip of the year. Together, the research findings present a vivid snapshot of the present state of online and mobile travel adoption among Indian online travelers.

  • Overview
    • Research Highlights
  • Methodology
  • General Traveler Behavior
    • Travel Components Purchased
    • Trip Research and Shopping
  • Most Significant Trip
    • Lodging
    • Booking Windows, Channels, Payments
    • In-Destination Activities
  • Partners
US $795 
CA $1,053 • £604 • €717
FREE for Open Access Subscribers
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