Free Travel Research Redefining the Travel Customer Experience

Redefining the Travel Customer Experience

December 2017
Hollis Thomases
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Redefining the Travel Customer Experience

Twenty years ago, the advent of the Internet and the browsable web radically transformed the travel industry. Today, the industry is being transformed again, this time by mindset. The travel industry – and many others – must now meet the customer where and how it matters most, and along the entire spectrum of their journey. In travel, "customer centricity" is no longer a nice-to-have; it's a must-have. This paper – in cooperation with Hexaware – presents an overview of how and why the traveler's expectations matter, the process of creating great digitally transformed customer experiences, and mistakes that should be avoided. It also provides examples of digitally transformed leisure and business traveler customer experiences, digital transformation leadership requirements, and considerations for the future of the customer experience.