Analyst Krassi Simonski

Krassi Simonski

Market Analyst, EuropeKrassi Simonski

Sofia Bulgaria

Dr. Krassi Simonski is Phocuswright's market analyst, Europe and managing director of Krassi is the lead analyst for Phocuswright's Russia and Eastern Europe: Navigating the Emerging Online Travel Marketplace research initiative. The Special Project measures travel size and trends and forecasts online travel penetration for Russia, Ukraine, Poland and other Eastern European travel markets. 

Prior to establishing the, Krassi was head of business development for, managing the spin-off of innovative business lines into different companies. He is also executive officer of Skal International's Sofia club, assisting in expanding the international relations in the region.
Krassi's background also includes chair of the Bulgarian Research and Education Network. Prior to that, he served a political mandate as deputy chair of the State Agency for ICT of Bulgaria in charge of the national IT development. He was the Bulgarian representative to several EC high-level groups including Internet and information society. Krassi implemented multiple ICT projects of EU and national funding in the area of digital inclusion, broadband penetration, research networking and e-learning. He was the first chair of the Telecentres.Europe organization to support the network of telecenters across Europe 

His university background as adjunct professor in computer sciences and 12 years as director of communications and computing at the first American University in Central and Eastern Europe (AUBG) as well as being one of the first Internet missioners in the region, brought him thousands of contacts at the national, European and international levels.

Travel Research From Krassi Simonski

Eastern Europe Online Travel Overview

Eastern Europe Online Travel Overview

Category: Market Overview & Sizing Published: July 2012 Analysts: Maggie Rauch, Krassi Simonski, Gustaf Moell US $995

Eastern Europe’s travel market is a sleeping giant just beginning to wake up. The market experienced healthy growth in 2010 and 2011, and while options and demand for travel are improving, cultural...

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