Analyst Florence Kaci

Florence Kaci

Director, EMEA Business Development and European Market SpecialistFlorence Kaci

London United Kingdom

Mrs. Kaci joined Phocuswright in 2010 and heads business development for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Florence spreads knowledge of Phocuswright's research, events and PhocusWire news products and services, and creates strategic partnerships throughout EMEA. She also speaks regularly at industry events presenting the latest Phocuswright research and discussing how distribution trends are changing the way consumers search, shop, buy and share travel. For ten years prior to Phocuswright, Florence held various positions in London, U.K. with Pegasus Solutions focused on sales, account management, implementation services and service delivery. Prior to that, she held positions within the travel and hospitality industry in New York, Mauritius and Paris before landing in London. Florence holds an M.B.A. in tourism from the ESCAET business school in Aix en Provence. Florence is based in France and enjoys swimming, skiing and cycling when not running after her three children.

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Travel Research From Florence Kaci

Presentation: Tradeoffs and Transitions: European Consumer Travel Trends

Presentation: Tradeoffs and Transitions: European Consumer Travel Trends

Category: Consumer Trends Published: September 2012 Analysts: Carroll Rheem, Florence Kaci

Gain insight into complex shifts in travel patterns within these key markets, essential knowledge for travel companies navigating the European travel landscape.