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Phocuswright Power Users utilize and leverage Phocuswright research to power great decisions at their companies. We interviewed these Open Access subscribers to uncover how they take advantage of Phocuswright's vast research library and data visualization tools.

Ming Foong, Travelport

Managing Director, Greater China and Online Business Group, Asia Pacific

"The data is broken down into the granularity we need."

"A combination of the [data and insights] is what I really look for."

What do you do for Travelport?

I look after the online customer's business for all of Asia Pacific and also all the offline TNC customers for greater China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan.

How often do you use Phocuswright?

I often have to do research for my role, so at least monthly, if not more often. I also read the reports that are published regularly.

Which of the following Phocuswright services/products do you use?

I subscribe to the weekly Phocuswright newsletter and the Subscriber Alerts for new reports. The subscriber Dashboard, containing announcements and recommended reading, is my main navigation on the site.

What about Phocuswright's research do you find most helpful?

It's more than just the statistics and data - those are of course really useful because there's not a lot of widely recognized sources in the industry, per se. But what I also look for are the insights from the analysts. A combination of the two is what I really look for.

Can you give an example of a time when Phocuswright's research provided you insight into a solution you were working on?

Plenty. We use the statistics and data for annual planning. My team and I have an annual process to look at how we forecast business going forward. So, the statistics and data are used very much in that area - because the data is broken down into the granularity we need. For example, the market sizing or segment analyses - we use that a lot in the way we forecast trends.

Thinking outside of your company and responsibilities, what vertical in the industry most excites you?

Well, since I work in online, it's hard to get away from that. I know a lot of people talking about new technology development, things like AI and VI and whatnot. At the end of the day it's still encapsulated in the internet of things. And, all of that is packaged into an online travel business.

How do you see travel changing in the next 10-20 years?

I think it's actually going to be more personal. So ,whether it's business travel or leisure travel, the way that it's actually consumed, there will be a lot more customization. Partially because of what's rolling out in terms of technology and industry standards. All of these things drive a much more personal kind of travel and consumer choice is required.

What do you like to do when you're not solving problems for Travelport?

I spend time with family. I actually travel. I like to see different places, experience different cultures. So travel is a big part of my life. It's such a privilege to have the opportunity to see and learn so much.

(Conversation has been edited for clarity.)

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