Special Projects The U.S. Business Traveler: Managed, Unmanaged and Rogue

The U.S. Business Traveler: Managed, Unmanaged and Rogue

A Phocuswright Special Project

The U.S. Business Traveler: Managed, Unmanaged and Rogue

Research about business travel often focuses on travel managers and the industry perspective. What about the travelers themselves?

Phocuswright is seeking participating companies to invest in and help shape research for an upcoming Special Project, The U.S. Business Traveler: Managed, Unmanaged and Rogue. This study delves into the behavior and intentions of both managed and unmanaged business travelers:

  • What channels do they use to plan and purchase their trips?
  • Where do their patterns and priorities differ from their leisure routine?
  • What role does mobile play before, during and after trips?
  • What are the business travel pain points?
  • How do managed travelers feel about their program? How many are going rogue, and why?
  • How does the elusive unmanaged business traveler behave relative to leisure or managed travelers?
  • How can unmanaged business travelers be identified and targeted using traditional channels, as well as social media and mobile?

These are just samples of some of the key questions that this comprehensive study of 2,000 business travelers will answer. Sponsors will gain rich, actionable insights into how best to serve the needs and wants of unmanaged and managed business travelers.

Arm yourself with the insights to become the business traveler brand of choice.

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Sponsorship Deliverables

  • Findings, analysis and recommendations delivered as an in-depth PowerPoint presentation
  • Analyst presentation via private webinar (recording available)
  • Input into the consumer survey in an interactive process
  • delivered in Excel format (demographic segmentation included)
  • Custom segmentation
    • Custom tabulated results (up to 12 points/columns) in Excel
    • Follow-up PowerPoint presentation highlighting custom segmentation findings delivered via webinar (30 min.)
  • Branding and publicity acknowledgement and rights
  • Participants also receive a PDF copy of the summary report that can be shared internally and with members – this report will be produced as an additional output from the study
  • Contribution: $15,000


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