Free Travel Research Payments Unsettled: Travel’s Complex European Payment Landscape

Payments Unsettled Travels Complex European Payment Landscape

March 2017
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Payments Unsettled: Travel’s Complex European Payment Landscape

The European payment landscape stands at a crossroads. While traditional forms of payment still dominate in most markets, travel suppliers and intermediaries across the region are using new country-specific forms of payment. Electronic funds transfer, VANs and prepaid cards are growing in popularity - and the potential for smartphones to drive even more change is enormous. So what are the major challenges, differences, developments and drivers of European payment methods? How to the myriad models and adoption rates vary across segments and countries?

On March 15, 2017, Phocuswright's senior technology and corporate market analyst, Norm Rose, and Worldpay's VP vertical growth, airlines & travel, Thomas Helldorff, analyzed European payment methods and the awareness, adoption, intent and obstacles surrounding emerging forms of payment and payment technologies. Moderated by Lorraine Sileo, this 35-minute webinar is followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.