Free Travel Research Consideration Phase: Travel's Untapped Opportunity

Consideration Phase: Travel's Untapped Opportunity

October 2017
Mark Blutstein
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Consideration Phase: Travel's Untapped Opportunity

Shopping and booking may grab the attention of most marketers, but consumer travel planning is about much, much more. It involves many early decisions like considering what kind of trip it will be, who's going, and what the destination is. All of these early deliberations shape the future trip, from budget to trip length to how much time travelers spend planning their vacation.

Download the presentation deck and audio recording of this 35-minute October 12, 2017 webinar and explore data on how travelers' early considerations overlap with and shape travel planning and the eventual trip.

Presenter: Mark Blutstein, Research Analyst, Phocuswright Inc.
Moderator: Pete Comeau, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Phocuswright Inc.
Presenter: Seth Forman, Vertical Director, Travel and Tourism, Quantcast

Webinar topics include:

  • Factors that motivate travelers to take a trip
  • How early trip decisions affect travel planning
  • Length of travel planning process

Download now to learn how you can capture more travelers during the planning stage.