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4 March 2015

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[email protected] is where global travel, tourism and hospitality executives gather to discuss, debate and define the future of travel commerce. The event helps attendees to capitalize on the latest trends, leverage intelligence, promote leadership and foster innovation. The benefits of attending this premier travel event in Europe are significant. The pioneering program is designed by Phocuswright's analysts and produced with our high event production standards, known around the world. High-level speakers combine with a savvy audience of travel professionals, innovators and thought leaders to connect in a unique community setting. Expectations are high as like-minded, influential people convene to interact, get ahead and create deals. The 2015 conference-in-a-conference will be Wednesday, 4 March, in conjunction with ITB Berlin, The World's Leading Travel Trade Show.

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2015 Theme and Program

Each year [email protected] is anchored by a guiding theme – a challenge, trend or mantra that throws down the gauntlet for leaders and executives in our industry, and points the way to the future. This focus – whether centered on new milestones, challenges or innovations in the travel marketplace – creates a unique environment. A distinguishing characteristic of the event is that all speakers and sessions draw from the theme, each having its own interpretation. The result is a provocative blend of information and ideas that pushes attendees' understanding of key trends and issues to an entirely new level.

Disruption's Curve
As if under its own power, the cycle, insistent, recycles. Plan. Forecast. BUDGET. Courses are charted, graphs are plotted. Expectations are set, and projections pursued.

But all good plots have a twist. Uninvited interlopers often throw the best-laid plans into disarray.

Disruption cycles are nothing new, but their acceleration should alarm.

Technology innovation and breakthrough business models are forging new markets, fueling sudden successes and turning long-held beliefs into liabilities. In a marketplace where no one is safe, size and incumbency may bring heft, but they're no guarantor of longevity. New entrants upend, and soon become the upended.

The theme of [email protected] 2015, Disruption's Curve, heralds the unexpected, celebrates the unseen, and challenges the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry to plot the unplottable. What is the shape of Disruption's Curve? How will it trend? How can you prepare for something you cannot foresee? Disruption's Curve is served by these impetuous agents:


Disruption's Curve may seem capricious, but in fact it's anything but. It pays no mind to leading players or market maturity – only overlooked problems, and big opportunity. While the worn-out phrase urges "think outside the box," to win outside it may be necessary to break the box entirely. Then recycle its best features into something new and extraordinary. The Curve, however, will neither beckon nor call. So how will you know? What will you break? Where are you on Disruption's Curve?

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