Special Projects The Groups and Meetings Traveler: Where They Stay, Work and Play

The Groups and Meetings Traveler: Where They Stay, Work and Play

A Phocuswright Special Project

The Groups and Meetings Traveler: Where They Stay, Work and Play

Understanding how travelers make decisions on where to stay and what to do is vital to the growth of your group business.

The groups and meetings marketplace is diverse, complex, fragmented and – in many cases – unable to serve the group traveler with a seamless customer experience.

Phocuswright is embarking on a new Special Project research study to delve deeply into groups and meetings* traveler behavior within the destination, and better understand marketplace dynamics and opportunities.

Research topics include:

  • Behaviors of U.S. groups and meetings travelers, including spend (dining, shopping, wellness, culture, entertainment, etc.), preferences and plans to extend business trips into leisure ones – and what might influence a return trip for vacation
  • Lodging decisions, including use of room blocks and choice of hotel vs. private accommodation, based on type of meeting, length of trip and other factors
  • Challenges facing hotels and other lodging suppliers, intermediaries and meeting planners to offer solutions that meet the needs of the group traveler
  • Booking trends for groups and meetings’ accommodation, including the growing influence of online travel agencies and the development of hotel websites/apps and event platforms
  • Review of enabling technologies, innovative companies and startups; and assess the role of revenue management systems for groups both inside and outside the room block

Getting a full view of the traveler itinerary is daunting – but is key to growing your group business. Sponsor this upcoming research to better understand the groups and meetings traveler – their motivations, preferences and spend patterns – and how lodging suppliers, intermediaries and travel arrangers can finally turn their business trip into an experience.

This research will:

  • Provide overall sizing and forecasts of the U.S. groups and meetings accommodation market (2018-2023)
  • Clarify how lodging decisions and bookings are made
  • Explore key factors influencing accommodation choice
  • Examine the interplay between technology and travel behavior
  • Assess trends in group traveler behavior outside of the main venue
  • Uncover areas of the group travel process most in need of solutions and innovation
  • Give insight for planning sales and marketing strategies
  • Highlight key players' development plans
  • ... and more!

Choose the sponsorship that supports your organization's objectives

Deliverables can include (depending on sponsorship level):

  • Industry survey custom questions
  • Findings, analysis and recommendations delivered as an in-depth slide presentation
  • Data tabulations that can be mined for insights and strategy
  • Proprietary white paper and marketing to position your company as a thought leader
  • Analyst presentation via a group/private/public webinar
  • Branding and publicity acknowledgement and rights
  • The summary report that can be shared internally and with members
  • PhocusWire Sponsored Article package

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