Special Projects The Destination Decision: Where They Go and Why They Go There

The Destination Decision: Where They Go and Why They Go There

A Phocuswright Special Project

The Destination Decision: Where They Go and Why They Go There

For years, Phocuswright has explored how travelers search, shop and buy travel and tracked the online travel planning curve. But what is driving the most important decision in the travel cycle: "Where should I go?"

A new study from Phocuswright for 2018 will deliver essential insights on the "destination decision" by travelers from seven of the world's largest source markets:

Phocuswright's The Destination Decision: 7 Markets Covered

The research will cover demographics, traveler behavior, trip type – purpose – motivation, source markets, destination and more.

Near-record-level consumer confidence in Germany, continued online and total gross booking growth in the U.S., projections for 9-11% annual growth in China's travel market, increased mobile access and adoption of mobile bookings, and more, all point to great opportunities to influence the leisure traveler's destination selection process.

Who should be interested?
Anyone targeting domestic and outbound travelers from these countries including:

  • Suppliers
  • Intermediaries
  • Destination marketing organizations

Sponsors will learn vital information such as:

  • Where do travelers want to go
  • Is your destination on their list
  • What destinations are you competing with and how does your destination compare
  • Where do travelers turn for information
  • What is important to them in the decision
  • What are their key decision factors

Sponsor this upcoming research to uncover travelers' motivations, decision-making and planning factors and how they vary by source country.

Topics we'll cover:

  • The basics – demos, travel behavior, last-trip specifics
  • DMO engagement – both on- and offline)
  • Domestic and outbound travelers
  • Destination perceptions
  • Travel attitudes and perceptions
  • Destination selection – influences, process, media
  • Sizing and impact – spend, purchasing

Choose the sponsorship that supports your organization's objectives.

Deliverables can include (depending on sponsorship level):

  • Industry survey custom questions
  • Findings, analysis and recommendations delivered as an in-depth slide presentation
  • Proprietary white paper
  • Analyst presentation via a group/private/public webinar
  • Branding and publicity acknowledgement and rights
  • PDF copy of the summary report that can be shared internally and with members
  • PhocusWire marketing

* Some deliverables are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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