Special Projects Tours and Activities Come of Age

Tours and Activities Come of Age

A Phocus Collection Project

Tours and Activities Come of Age

Last year, the global travel market reached US$1.3 trillion – most of that coming from the air and lodging sectors. While the industry focuses on that 81% of the pie, travelers themselves tend to be focused on what they do while they're there: seeing, experiencing, touring and doing. With the rise of mobile changing the way travelers discover, book and experience travel activities, the in-destination events, attractions and activities marketplace is undergoing extraordinary change. Understanding the key issues and trends transforming this sector will be incredibly valuable.  

In order to best navigate the changes in this sector, it's important to base your strategy on market trends. The upcoming Phocus Collection project, Tours and Activities Come of Age, provides insightful research and analysis into the use and views of distribution channels, distribution economics, connectivity and technology challenges, and mobile readiness. The research uncovers business profiles, use of technology, marketing and advertising, as well as key inhibitors and opportunities for the sector.  

Sponsor this Phocus Collection project and gain insight into the top challenges and priorities for 2016 and beyond.  

Sponsors will learn:

  • The size of the global tours, events and activities marketplace by supply and gross bookings, segmented by channel, supply and region
  • The use and view of various distribution channels
  • Connectivity and technology challenges
  • Vouchers, redemption and fraud trends
  • Pricing, yield and last-minute booking trends

Choose The Sponsorship That Supports Your Organization's Objectives  

Select the sponsorship that best suits your organization's goals. Deliverables can include (depending on sponsorship level):

  • Input into the survey
  • Findings, analysis and recommendations delivered as an in-depth slide presentation
  • Custom questions
  • Analyst presentation via private Webinar
  • Preferred branding and publicity acknowledgment for a white paper presenting select key findings from the study

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