Special Projects Canadian Online Travel Overview Third Edition

Canadian Online Travel Overview Third Edition

A Phocuswright Special Project

Canadian Online Travel Overview Third Edition

Published: December 2014
The upcoming third edition of Phocuswright's Canadian Online Travel Overview revisits the Canadian online and total travel market and provides insight into key factors affecting online penetration. Comprehensive research methodology includes a Canadian consumer travel survey; executive interviews with suppliers, online travel and technology companies; and additional research. This extensive research will assess the size of the Canadian online and total travel market, examine key trends and their impact on specific channels, analyze consumer behavior throughout the search, shop, buy cycle and feature updated forecasts through 2015.

Sponsor this Special Project to receive advance access to the study's data and analysis – market intelligence far more detailed than what is published in the final report. You will come away with insight into the factors and trends affecting this market and influencing consumer behavior – as well as tools and strategies you can use to target Canadian travelers and capture market share.

Sponsor This Research To Learn

  • Total market and online leisure/unmanaged business travel bookings for 2011-2015, with comparisons to previous forecast and other markets (e.g. Europe, the U.S., etc.)
  • Bookings by travel segment – airline, hotel, car rental, cruise, rail – along with an overview of size and key trends across travel product segments and channels
  • An analysis of this market through 2015 – changes and developments that could emerge in years to come
  • The role mobile platforms – and other technologies – play in the travel planning and booking process
  • How metasearch, online advertising and social media affect travel behavior
  • Key influencers of the planning and shopping process, including channel and destination choice
  • How traditional tours stack up against dynamic packages
  • Key players and potential new market entrants
  • Elements that best motivate or still inhibit online planning, shopping and purchasing behavior
  • Regional (B.C., Alberta, Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes) differences in consumer behavior

Sponsorship Will Help You

  • Understand future trends before your competitors do, and provide direction for future strategy
  • Prioritize investments in quickly evolving regions, segments or technologies
  • Establish your company as a travel thought leader
  • Showcase your brand as a partner of the industry's research authority
  • Increase customer loyalty and adoption

Sponsorship Components

Select the sponsorship that best suits your organization's goals. Deliverables can include (depending on sponsorship level):

  • Central role in shaping the scope of research and survey instruments
  • Findings, analysis and recommendations detailed in an in-depth PowerPoint presentation
  • Analyst presentation via private or group webinar
  • Input into the leisure traveler survey and focus groups in an interactive process
  • Custom and proprietary survey questions
  • Tabulated survey results delivered in SPSS and Excel format
  • Custom data tables for additional analysis
  • Branding and publicity acknowledgement and rights
  • PDF copy of a summary report that can be shared internally

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