Special Projects Unsettled: Travel Payments and the Cost of Getting Paid

Unsettled: Travel Payments and the Cost of Getting Paid

A Phocuswright Special Project

Unsettled: Travel Payments and the Cost of Getting Paid

Bringing Travel Payments Into Focus

Unsettled: Travel Payments and the Cost of Getting Paid provides strategic guidance on this complex and quickly evolving segment. This Special Project delivers a comprehensive assessment of the payments landscape, so that travel companies can address key challenges and approach the space with clarity and confidence.

A Range of Targeted Objectives

Unsettled: Travel Payments and the Cost of Getting Paid goes in-depth to reveal and make sense of the dizzyingly complex world of travel payments. Primary study objectives:

  • Map the current payment landscape and pinpoint similarities and differences across geographic regions, methods, business models and travel segments
  • Evaluate the role of all parties involved in travel payments: customers, retailers, suppliers, aggregators, card providers, payment gateways, settlement services and others
  • Identify important market trends, drivers and inhibitors
  • Explore the range of new payment models, entrants and innovation that threaten to disrupt and reshape the market
  • Examine the major challenges and drivers for the future – regulatory restrictions, access to technology, customer adoption and more

Compelling Sponsor Benefits

In this still-shifting payment scenario, not understanding the market or taking the wrong approach can be extremely costly – or deadly – to a business. Companies that sponsor this Special Project are assured of being up-to-date and in step with this dynamic segment. Sponsor benefits include:

  • Obtain strategic insight on global payment methods and how they are used
  • Understand the dominant and emerging payment methods across a range of emerging markets
  • Identify payment technologies and trends that are poised to steal share, disrupt the status quo, or which have the potential to lower the cost of getting paid
  • Benchmark your payment method mix against competitors and market leaders
  • Maximize marketing and brand value by associating with trend-setting research in an understudied category
  • Establish your company's position as a thought leader in the challenging and vibrant travel payments space

Unique, High-Value Deliverables

A range of sponsorship levels is available. Depending on the sponsorship level, deliverables can include:

  • Input into fundamental study components, including discussion guide and B2B survey
  • Placement of custom, proprietary questions in the B2B survey
  • Custom white paper with exclusive branding and publicity
  • Custom kick-off call with PhoCusWright analysts to identify strategic objectives
  • Findings, analysis and recommendations delivered as a PowerPoint presentation
  • Analyst presentation via private Webinar, customized based on each partner's specific points of interest
  • Branding and publicity acknowledgement for a general PhoCusWright white paper presenting findings from the study

Unsettled: Travel Payments and the Cost of Getting Paid will bring payments from the back of the house to the front of the store. Sponsor this groundbreaking Special Project and gain competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded and complex segment.

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