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Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is more than just an industry buzzword. Phocuswright helps your organization earn recognition as a trusted authority that guides industry conversations.

  • Grow your brand
  • Boost visibility
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Identify new, high-value clients
  • Earn credibility in the marketplace
  • Grow wallet share

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Thought Leadership Drives Demand

Establishing your organization as an industry expert creates a ripple effect of demand, growth and success. A recent Edelman-LinkedIn study shows key decision makers rely heavily on thought leadership.

  • 55% use thought leadership as an important way to vet companies they're considering working with
  • 69% agree thought leadership is one of the best ways to get a sense of the caliber of thinking an organization can deliver
  • 63% agree that thought leadership is particularly important to build the reputation of new and small businesses

Thought Leadership Gets Results

The Edelman-LinkedIn study found that high-value decision makers are more willing to pay a premium to work with an organization that has articulated a clear vision versus one that does not publish thought leadership.

  • 47% of C-suite executives shared their contact information after reading thought leadership
  • 45% invited the organization to bid on a project when not previously considering them
  • 55% of decision makers increased the amount of business done with an organization
  • 60% of decision makers bought a new product or service they were not previously considering

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