Hudson Crossing

Hudson Crossing is the leading strategy and execution advisory firm devoted to helping clients raise the financial performance of their assets in industries ranging from travel and hospitality to financial services and technology.

Through the execution of bold ideas, Hudson Crossing's team of experienced operators bridges the gap between plan and performance, helping clients to translate strategies into outcomes and achieve growth through innovation.

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Phone: +1 212 845-9893
Twitter: @HudsonCrossing

Hudson Crossing provides a complete spectrum of strategic advisory and execution services that address every business challenge clients can face: startup launches, capital needs, strategic innovation, new product introduction, product management, new market entry, program management, technical and scaling challenges, course corrections and turnarounds.

Hudson Crossing Clients Include

Established Companies
Travel industry suppliers such as airline, hotel, car rental, tour and cruise operators, intermediaries and technology and service providers to the travel industry
Services include business assessment, strategy development, new market entry, new product/service introduction, reengineering/business process optimization, turnaround/course correction, business development, sales and marketing, implementation planning, interim leadership.

Early and Mid-Stage Companies
Startups and early growth firms looking at new product introduction, strategy and sales optimization
Services include business assessment, business strategy and funding strategy development, business development, implementation planning.

The Investment Community
Private equity and venture capital firms with travel industry interests, lenders and sellers of travel-related businesses
Services include acquisition and disposition due diligence, strategy development, validation, asset assessment and strategy development, reengineering/business process optimization, implementation planning and interim leadership.

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