Phocuswright Online Event Tripped Up: Why Trip Planning Startups Stumble

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Are you thinking of launching a trip planning startup or actively working on one? Travelers use dozens of websites and apps while planning their trips, frantically brainstorming ideas, comparing prices and compiling options into spreadsheets. There simply must be a better way, right?

Trip planners have been the holy grail of travel entrepreneurs for decades and Phocuswright has received thousands of pitches for them. With so much passion and effort poured into this space, why hasn’t there been a stand-out winner? Why have so many companies failed? And as travel embraces artificial intelligence, does AI hold the keys to future success?

Hear from Mike Coletta, Manager of Research and Innovation at Phocuswright and Gilad Berenstein, investor and former founder of Utrip, on their personal experiences with trip planning startups and what Phocuswright’s startup data tells us about success and failure. This webinar is a must-attend event for all entrepreneurs working on startups in the inspiration, itinerary or content areas of the travel industry.


Mike Coletta

Senior manager, research and innovation, Phocuswright

Gilad Berenstein

Founder, Brook Bay Capital