Events Registration Terms and Conditions

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Virtual Attendee Terms and Conditions

By registering for and/or attending the event, (“Conference”), each attendee (“Attendee” or “you”) agrees to be bound by, and comply with, these Terms & Conditions. It is your responsibility to read and understand these Terms & Conditions.

Participation and Behavior. Attendees are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all conference functions. Use of obscene language, abusive behavior, or threatening behavior directed to any other conference Attendee or staff is not conducive to a learning environment and will not be tolerated. The Phocuswright staff has the right to remove any Attendee that is in violation of this Policy and no refunds of registration will be granted.

Admittance. Phocuswright has sole discretion to refuse admittance to or expel from the Conference anyone that is deemed to be behaving in a manner that could be disruptive to the conference or any other Attendee. Phocuswright reserves the right to remove anyone caught sharing a registration. Those users will be removed from the session(s). Multiple violations will result in loss of all conference access.

Registration; Tickets. The registration provides each Attendee a ticket with access to the Conference content and features as outlined by the registration type.

Conference Cancellation. Phocuswright reserves the right to close, alter or cancel any Conference event, session or other items relating, directly or indirectly, to the Conference for any reason, in its sole discretion. If the Conference is canceled by Phocuswright in its entirety, you agree to accept in complete satisfaction and discharge of all claims against Phocuswright.

Ancillary Events. No functions or events may be held during Conference hours without written permission from Phocuswright.

Use of Personal Information and Registration Information. Phocuswright is committed to data privacy and protecting your personal information. By registering for the Conference and submitting your email address during the event registration process, you agree that Phocuswright and its Conference partners may send you Conference related information. A valid email address is required for all registrations. Phocuswright collects the information you have entered into your registration form in order provide you with access to the Conference and materials for your use during and after the Conference for which you have registered, and for administering participation in this Conference. This may include information about the Conference’s content, event logistics, payment, updates, and additional information related to the Conference. By registering for the Conference, you consent and agree that (i) Phocuswright may use this information to provide you with communications about products and services related to the subject and may provide this information to the sponsor(s) and fellow attendees, including Conference sponsors and third-party service providers engaged by Phocuswright to assist in the conduct of the Conference (e.g., housing bureau, mobile application provider), who may use this information to send communications to you; and (ii) this information Phocuswright may be shared with those parties, and the treatment of such information is further subject to the privacy policies of those parties. You may withdraw consent, request to review or revise information we retain about you by contacting [email protected] Except as described herein, Phocuswright will not disclose an Attendee’s personal data to any other third party without your consent except where required to do so by law. The above provisions are included as part of our registration form to ensure that your registration for the Conference is within the guidelines of international data protection laws. Completion of the online registration acknowledges your consent and agreement with the above provisions.

Usage of Photographic and Video Material Taken at Phocuswright Events. Phocuswright imposes certain restrictions on the use of multimedia at its events (e.g., photography, video, audio, online streaming, and all future mediums). Photographs may not be published, sold, reproduced, transmitted, distributed or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever. Phocuswright may hire professional service providers (photo, video, streaming, audio) to document and display the event experience. Phocuswright may also use social media (e.g., Twitter) to: (i) post real-time photos and videos to its social media feeds; and (ii) display select submissions from those feeds on its webpage. By attending the Conference, you acknowledge and agree as follows: (a) Phocuswright may edit and use footage it captures at the event for marketing and promotional activities and for any other lawful purpose in the ordinary course of its business; and (b) due to the prevalence of mobile recording devices in today’s world, Phocuswright disclaims all liability for the capture of your image in any multimedia format by other attendees at the event.

Recording Notice and Consent. In connection with your participation in the Conference, you agree and consent that your likeness may be captured in still photo video, digital photography and other means and may be used across our programs and applications and displayed paper handouts at our events, including access to presentations and other activities for distribution to event attendees and those who were unable to attend and will view the recordings live or at a later date. You grant Northstar Travel Media, LLC and the sponsors of the Conference explicit permission, to use your name and likeness in photographs, video and/or or other digital and hard copy recordings, broadcasts and/or image preservation in digital or paper-based reproductions, in any and all of its applications, sites and publications, without payment or any other consideration, and explicitly waive any and all royalties and any and all other forms of compensation. You also, by completion of the ticket purchase, release, hold harmless and indemnify Northstar Travel Media, LLC and the sponsors of the Conference from any and all liability related to use and/or dissemination of my name, likeness and/or image.

General. Phocuswright reserves the right to change, amend, add to, or remove any of the above Terms & Conditions in its sole discretion and without prior notice. If any provision contained in these Terms & Conditions should become invalid, the remaining conditions will continue to be valid and apply. These Terms & Conditions apply to all Conference attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. The views expressed by any Conference attendee, speaker, exhibitor or sponsor are not necessarily those of Phocuswright, Northstar Travel Media, LLC or the sponsors of the Conference. All Conference attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors are solely responsible for the content of all individual or corporate presentations, marketing collateral and/or advertising materials.