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Custom Segmentation Analysis

Phocuswright's syndicated research and Special Projects illuminate key travel industry trends via published data and nuanced analysis. Like a movie, however, not all research findings make it into the final product.

The Need for Phocuswright's Custom Segmentation Analysis

The underlying surveys that drive our consumer behavior analysis contain an abundance of actionable data. Responses to each survey question can be cross-referenced to create customized output providing new insights into global travelers, their preferences, the way they interact with distribution channels and more. By combining responses to various questions with demographic and economic qualifiers, Phocuswright's Custom Segmentation Analysis presents highly-targeted information specific to your company's strategic needs. You can also compare your customer and target prospects against a variety of criteria and averages.

Create your own segmentation analysis by having Phocuswright analyze data from our recent consumer surveys covering a range of topics, including:

  • Consumer Travel: The motivations and behaviors that drive the travel planning, shopping and buying process for U.S. adults.
  • Mobile Travel: Mobile device usage and U.S. traveler expectations and preferences in relation to mobile.
  • Destination Marketing: Influence of U.S. destination content and sites in travel decision making.
  • Green Travel: Profile of the environmentally conscious traveler, and how values and expectations impact travel choice.
  • Technology: The role consumer-facing technology plays as travelers search, shop and buy.
  • Vacation Rentals: Consumer response to changes in this high-growth lodging sector.
  • Canadian Online Travel Market: The unique nuances of the Canadian online travel marketplace.
Phocuswright's Custom Segmentation Analysis is delivered as a "banner" of five client-chosen variables cross-referenced against all other questions in the specified Phocuswright survey. These data views will drill down to find exactly the consumer segment or paradigm that you need. Combine general demographics, consumer preferences and the latest travel industry trends to gain a more complete understanding of your marketplace.

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