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Stay ahead of the competition with the company at the forefront of market research companies (NYC): Get the data, trends and analysis you need to answer your strategic questions and keep abreast of all facets of global travel distribution. Avoid being blindsided by common pitfalls in today’s complex, dynamic travel market. To obtain further intelligence, purchase individual reports on a wide range of specific topics. To get the most from Phocuswright research services, subscribe to one of Phocuswright’s Research Subscriptions: Global, European, Financial or Innovation.

Phocuswright is the most credible and quoted source for data, information and analysis in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Phocuswright is the Leader Among Market Research Companies NYC

Phocuswright is the travel industry research authority on how travelers, suppliers and intermediaries connect. Independent, rigorous and unbiased, Phocuswright fosters smart strategic planning, tactical decision-making and organizational effectiveness.

Phocuswright delivers qualitative and quantitative research on the evolving dynamics that influence travel, tourism and hospitality distribution. Our marketplace intelligence is the industry standard for segmentation, sizing, forecasting, trends, analysis and consumer travel planning behavior. Every day around the world, senior executives, marketers, strategists and research professionals from all segments of the industry value chain use Phocuswright research for competitive advantage.

To complement its primary research in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia, Phocuswright produces several high-profile conferences in the United States and Europe, and partners with conferences in China and Singapore. Industry leaders and company analysts bring this intelligence to life by debating issues, sharing ideas and defining the ever-evolving reality of travel commerce.

Phocuswright, the frontrunner of all market research companies (NYC), is headquartered in the United States with Asia Pacific operations based in India and local analysts on five continents.

Phocuswright clients are some of the biggest names in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Tour operators, airlines, online travel agencies, metasearch engines and more all use our research in their boardrooms to validate sound business decisions.

Solely dedicated to travel, tourism and hospitality, Phocuswright analysts think about, research, analyze and report on industry trends and dynamics every day. They are passionate about finding answers, doing whatever it takes to provide in-depth, intelligent and insightful research. The exacting nature of our methodology removes any doubt and positions Phocuswright as the travel research authority.

Our analysts, white-glove customer service and accommodating sales teams and staff are dedicated to helping people understand all aspects of the travel industry – that’s what makes us the best of all the market research companies (NYC). We're passionate about finding answers, challenging the status quo and building a better industry.