Paws on the Ground Team The Pawsome Crew

Dive into the world of our furry friends who are more than just pets – they're integral members of our market research family! Each tail-wagger on our team boasts a unique set of skills, from sniffing out the latest trends to offering comforting cuddles during brainstorming sessions. Here, you'll meet our delightful canine companions, each with their own whimsical job title and humorous job description that mirrors the important roles they play in our employees' lives and, by extension, in our company.

From the "Vice Pawsident of Bark-nerships" to the "Chief Goodboy Networking Officer", these four-legged professionals embody the spirit of our company: dedicated, playful, and always eager to explore new territories. Get ready for a paw-sitively different meet-and-greet experience as you scroll through the profiles of our most lovable and fluffy team members!

Rumi Fadnis
Rumi Fadnis Chief Insight Paws-er

As the Chief Insight Paws-er at Phocuswright, Rumi plays a crucial role in aiding the process of unearthing and interpreting global travel trends. With a nose for the latest developments and an uncanny ability to sit patiently through complex data analysis, Rumi assists in sniffing out the most relevant and impactful insights.

Rumi's expertise lies in providing comforting companionship during intense strategy sessions and bringing a playful energy to the workplace, reminding everyone of the importance of balance and joy in innovation. His keen observational skills make him an invaluable asset in understanding consumer behavior, albeit from a four-legged perspective.

With his paws firmly on the ground, Rumi also oversees the relaxation and morale-boosting activities for the team, ensuring a stress-free environment conducive to creative thinking and productive discussions. Whether it's wagging his tail in approval at new ideas or offering a friendly bark of encouragement, Rumi embodies the spirit of exploration and discovery that is at the heart of Phocuswright.

Tallulah Newbury
Tallulah Newbury Vice Pawsident of Bark-nerships

As the Vice Pawsident of Bark-nerships at Phocuswright, Tallulah is at the forefront of fostering friendly and loyal relationships, both within the company and with our esteemed partners. Her natural charisma and wagging tail are key in maintaining a positive atmosphere, crucial for successful collaborations.

Tallulah specializes in offering a warm greeting to all, ensuring that every meeting starts on a positive note. She plays a vital role in the team, using her keen instincts to identify and approach potential partners with a friendly sniff and an irresistible charm. Her enthusiastic barks and tail wags are known to break the ice in high-stakes negotiations, creating a relaxed environment conducive to open and productive discussions.

Beyond her partnership duties, Tallulah is also a passionate advocate for inclusivity and professional growth, embodying the spirit of Phocuswright’s Women’s Leadership and Diversity in Leadership Initiatives. She leads by example, showing the importance of empathy, understanding, and support in the workplace.

Tallulah's journey with Kimberly has honed her skills in adapting to diverse environments and understanding the nuanced needs of global partners. With her unwavering loyalty and keen sense of partnership, Tallulah is a beloved and invaluable member of the Phocuswright team.

Toby Sorrells
Toby Sorrells Director of Bark-communications

As the Director of Bark-communications at PhocusWire, Toby brings a unique blend of alertness, curiosity, and a keen nose for news to our team. His role involves ensuring that all stories are sniffed out with precision and that the 'bark' of PhocusWire remains both engaging and informative.

With a bark that's always in tune with the latest happenings, Toby is an expert at alerting the team to breaking news and emerging trends in the travel and tech industries. His enthusiastic tail wags signal the excitement of new discoveries and the joy of sharing them with the world.

Toby's responsibilities extend beyond news sniffing. He is also the chief morale booster, ensuring that the editorial team stays motivated and focused, especially during tight deadlines. His playful demeanor and occasional zoomies around the office serve as a reminder of the importance of balancing hard work with fun.

Under Mitra's mentorship, Toby has developed a refined palate for quality journalism and a knack for storytelling, albeit in his own unique, doggy style. Whether he's lounging by Mitra's side during editorial meetings or energetically greeting visitors, Toby's presence adds a touch of warmth and lightheartedness to the serious world of news.

Piper Buyer
Piper Buyer Junior Operational Pup-timizer

As the Junior Operational Pup-timizer at Phocuswright, Piper brings a fresh and enthusiastic approach to the world of finance and administration. Her boundless energy and playful spirit are key in keeping the office atmosphere light and vibrant, a reflection of the innovative and forward-thinking environment fostered by her owner, Trish Buyer.

Piper specializes in streamlining daily routines, often seen zipping through the office to ensure that everyone stays on their toes and that no task is left undone. Her youthful perspective is invaluable in brainstorming sessions, where she encourages the team to think outside the box and approach challenges with a can-do attitude.

Despite her young age, Piper shows a budding interest in numbers and operations, frequently joining Trish in overseeing important documents, albeit with a bit more enthusiasm and a few joyful barks. She represents the next generation of operational excellence, always eager to learn from her older counterpart and apply her newfound knowledge.

Piper's role goes beyond just operations; she's also the chief cheerleader of the office. Whether she's greeting team members with a wagging tail or offering cuddles during stressful moments, her presence is a constant reminder of the joy and energy she brings to the team, embodying the spirit of collaboration and positivity.

Maisy Newton
Maisy Newton Lead Trailblazer and Marketing Pup

As the Lead Trailblazer and Marketing Pup at Phocuswright, Maisy embodies the adventurous spirit of her owner, Emma Newton. Her role is a unique blend of outdoor enthusiasm and keen marketing insights, perfectly suited to Emma's expertise in marketing and passion for nature.

Maisy excels in leading the team on outdoor marketing campaigns, whether it's a hike through the mountains to capture the perfect photo for an advertisement or a trail run to brainstorm innovative marketing strategies. Her innate ability to find the best paths and scenic spots symbolizes her knack for navigating the complexities of marketing projects.

With her keen eye for aesthetics, Maisy also plays a vital role in website maintenance and design. Her creative bark and wagging tail are often the driving force behind some of our most engaging and visually appealing online content.

Her energy and zest for life are not just limited to her outdoor adventures. In the office, Maisy is known for her ability to manage multiple tasks with ease, often juggling toys and responsibilities with equal enthusiasm. She serves as a furry reminder of the importance of balance - working hard but also taking the time to enjoy the great outdoors.

In essence, Maisy is not just a dog; she's a motivator, an inspirer, and a vital member of the Phocuswright team, bringing a touch of wilderness and fresh perspectives to every project she 'paws' upon.

Taos Newton
Taos Newton Snowbound Marketing Scout

As the Snowbound Marketing Scout at Phocuswright, Taos, with his striking Husky heritage, brings a unique blend of endurance, energy, and a keen sense for adventure. His role is perfectly tailored to Emma Newton's love for the outdoors and her expertise in marketing and project management.

Taos is especially valuable in winter-themed marketing initiatives. With his thick coat and love for snow, he's the ideal mascot for campaigns that resonate with winter sports enthusiasts. His ability to effortlessly navigate snowy terrains symbolizes the company's adaptability and creativity in tackling marketing challenges in different environments.

Beyond his role in wintry settings, Taos contributes to various marketing projects with his energetic and focused demeanor. He is often involved in brainstorming sessions, where his lively spirit and playful antics provide inspiration and a fresh perspective on project management and creative design.

In the office, Taos is known for his remarkable ability to stay cool under pressure, a trait that serves as a furry lesson in maintaining composure during tight project deadlines. He also plays a crucial role in team-building, often leading the pack in office outings and reminding everyone of the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

To sum up, Taos is not just a dog; he's a symbol of resilience, a source of inspiration, and a beloved member of the Phocuswright family, who brings a touch of the wild and a dash of husky charm to every marketing adventure.

Peanut Buschta
Peanut Buschta Mini Marketing Maven and Client Cuddle Coordinator

As the Mini Marketing Maven and Client Cuddle Coordinator at Phocuswright, Peanut embodies the perfect blend of charm, intelligence, and warmth that's essential in the world of marketing and client relations. Her fluffy presence and approachable demeanor make her an instant hit with clients and colleagues alike, echoing the exceptional marketing initiatives led by her owner, Walter.

Peanut plays a key role in keeping the marketing team's spirits high with her cheerful barks and joyful prances around the office. Her keen intuition for people's moods makes her an expert in providing comfort and joy, especially during high-stress periods, ensuring a positive and productive work environment.

Her responsibilities extend beyond the usual pup duties. With a natural flair for attracting attention and winning hearts, Peanut is often the star of Phocuswright's social media campaigns, embodying the company's friendly and innovative spirit. She also serves as the unofficial mascot at various events and pitch sessions, adding a touch of playfulness and warmth to these gatherings.

In essence, Peanut is not just a dog; she's a fluffy ambassador of Phocuswright's marketing, bringing a unique blend of joy, comfort, and canine charisma to every aspect of her role.

Tilly Fox
Tilly Fox Euro News Hound and Historical Helper

As the Euro News Hound and Historical Helper at PhocusWire, Tilly plays a vital role that mirrors the journalistic expertise and historical interests of her owner, Linda Fox. With a keen sense of curiosity and an alert demeanor, Tilly is always on the lookout for the latest happenings in the European travel and tourism sector.

Tilly's responsibilities include accompanying Linda on her journalistic pursuits, providing a unique four-legged perspective on the evolving digital economy and technology trends in travel. Her playful yet attentive nature helps in easing the atmosphere during interviews and meetings, making her a favored companion among industry professionals.

Her historical helper role comes into play as Tilly often sits by Linda's side while she delves into the rich history of European travel and tourism. Tilly's presence serves as a comforting reminder of the continuity and evolution of stories through time, much like the historical narratives Linda often explores.

In addition, Tilly's charm and approachability make her a beloved figure in the office and at industry events. Her ability to bridge connections with a wag of her tail reflects the importance of relationships in the world of journalism.

Overall, Tilly is not just a dog; she's an integral part of the PhocusWire team. She brings a touch of joy, historical charm, and a keen nose for news, embodying the spirit of exploration and discovery inherent in Linda Fox's role as a Senior Europe Reporter.

Larry Capellades
Larry Capellades Canine Marketing Pawject Manager & Sunshine Coordinator

As the resident Canine Marketing Pawject Manager, Larry brings a playful approach to every task. Hailing from sunny Miami, Florida, Larry specializes in tail-wagging enthusiasm and a nose for the best deals. He's a master at fetching opportunities and turning every challenge into a fun game. Larry's previous experience includes leading the neighborhood watch and organizing the best dog park meetups. In his downtime, Larry enjoys sunbathing, chasing after frisbees, and sampling gourmet dog treats. He's also known for his adventurous spirit, often accompanying Alexis on ATV rides.

Mac Goodman
Mac Goodman Chief Goodboy Networking Officer

Mac is a key member of our canine business development team. His expertise lies in facilitating tail-wagging connections and sniffing out new opportunities in the park. With a nose for travel and adventure, he ensures our team stays ahead in the latest trends in dog-friendly travel destinations. When he's not networking, Mac enjoys gourmet treats and long walks, embodying the perfect blend of of leisure and strategy.

Cooper Dervin
Cooper Dervin Director of Research Operations and Tail Wagging

Cooper, as the Director of Research Operations and Tail Wagging, brings a unique set of skills to the table. His unparalleled ability to maintain order and focus during the most playful moments makes him an expert in project execution. Cooper's dedication to sniffing out the most efficient pathways for project completion ensures that all our market research ventures are carried out smoothly. When not coordinating projects, he enjoys leisurely walks in Hoboken, showcasing his impeccable balance of work and play.

Bubba Schmid
Bubba Schmid Chief Insight Hound

Bubba excels as our Chief Insight Hound, renowned for his ability to sniff out key insights from a plethora of data. His specialty lies in translating complex scents into actionable intelligence, making him an invaluable asset to the research team. Whether it's conducting focus groups in the backyard or leading in-depth interviews with his fellow canine companions, Bubba's approach is always thorough and precise. In his downtime, he enjoys accompanying Alicia in her garden, providing critical analysis on the flora and fauna of South Carolina.

Dozer Schmid
Dozer Schmid Senior Analyst of Behavioral Observations

Dozer is our esteemed Senior Analyst of Behavioral Observations. Specializing in qualitative methodologies, he excels in observing and interpreting behavioral patterns, whether in the office or during leisurely strolls. His laid-back approach allows him to blend seamlessly into any environment, gathering crucial insights on interactive dynamics. Dozer's contributions are instrumental in developing strategies that focus on user behavior and preferences, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of market trends.

Ella Harris
Ella Harris Coordinator of Canine Celebrations

Ella, as our Coordinator of Canine Celebrations, brings joy and excitement to every event, infusing an extra dose of enthusiasm akin to a thrilling hiking adventure. Her expertise in tail-wagging welcomes and enthusiastic greetings make every gathering special. Ella's keen sense of timing and exceptional organizational skills ensure that every playdate, dog park meet-up, and even impromptu hikes run smoothly. Inspired by Lori's extensive experience in event coordination, Ella never misses a beat, from the initial bark to the final nap of the day.

Ollie Comeau
Ollie Comeau Top Dog of Corporate Leadership

Ollie, the Top Dog of Corporate Leadership, mirrors Pete's exceptional leadership skills at Phocuswright. He's an expert in guiding the pack with a mix of wisdom and playfulness, ensuring a harmonious and productive environment. Ollie's strategic approach to problem-solving and his knack for sniffing out innovative opportunities reflect the key aspects of Pete's role in steering the company's direction. His charismatic presence and ability to inspire his canine colleagues make him an indispensable part of the team.

Joey Plummer
Joey Plummer Event Purr-duction Manager

Joey, as our Event Purr-duction Manager, brings a unique touch of elegance and efficiency to our high-profile events. Reflecting Cathy's extensive experience in managing our events, Joey specializes in ensuring every detail is purr-fectly in place. From coordinating the smooth running of conference logistics to maintaining harmonious vendor relations, her keen eye for detail and unwavering calm under pressure make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Cleo Pawlow
Cleo Pawlow Chief Visualization Vizsla

Cleo, our Chief Visualization Vizsla, exemplifies Stan's skills in making complex data easily understandable and visually appealing. With his keen eye for patterns and a nose for analytics, Cleo is instrumental in helping the team visualize data trends and distributions. His contributions mirror Stan's work in analytics and are key to our understanding of intricate data sets. In his downtime, Cleo enjoys exploring the parks of Nashville, reflecting his owner's love for outdoor activities.

Butter Brown
Butter Brown Customer Happiness Ambassador

Butter, our Customer Happiness Ambassador, embodies the spirit of Kelsey's marketing and client services expertise. With hid charming demeanor and keen attention to detail, Butter excels in ensuring client satisfaction and happiness. His ability to navigate through the bustling New York City, just like Kelsey, adds a cosmopolitan flair to his role. Butter's experience in bringing joy to everyone she meets makes him a beloved member of our team, always ready to lend a paw in making our clients' experiences memorable.

Norma Jean Novotny
Norma Jean Novotny Chief Bark Accountant

Meet Norma Jean, our Chief Bark Accountant, known for her sharp wit and an uncanny ability to sniff out any financial discrepancies. With a nose for numbers and a paw-sitive attitude, she's the guardian of our financial integrity. Norma Jean's expertise lies in keeping our accounts in check and ensuring every treat is accounted for. Don't let her cute demeanor fool you; she's a stickler for detail and has an innate talent for balancing the books down to the last kibble. Originally hailing from a lineage of intelligent canines, she inherited her smarts from her ancestors, and her love for the great outdoors from her human, Steph. Whether it's tracking expenses or leading the pack in fiscal responsibility, Norma Jean is the go-to pup for all things finance. Just remember, she might play ruff when it comes to audits!

Murphy Flanagan
Murphy Flanagan Client Tail Wagging Specialist

Introducing Murphy, our esteemed Client Tail Wagging Specialist. With a knack for making everyone's day brighter, Murphy is the ultimate companion in ensuring customer satisfaction. Just like his human, Grace, Murphy excels in being a friendly and welcoming point of contact, but with a wagging tail and heart-melting eyes. He specializes in maintaining the highest levels of customer happiness, ensuring all our clients feel as valued as a favorite chew toy.

Murphy plays a crucial role in the subscription renewal process, often reminding the team with enthusiastic barks that it's time to check in with our clients. He keeps a keen eye on customer usage data, albeit in the form of treat inventory, and is a pro at spotting upsell opportunities, especially if they involve extra belly rubs or ear scratches.

Before joining our team, Murphy was a champion in fetching and playing, skills he now cleverly applies to support high-touch customer interactions and B2B (Bark to Bark) media campaigns. A graduate of the prestigious School of Life, with a major in Loyalty and a minor in Playfulness, Murphy combines his natural charm with a competitive spirit, a trait he shares with his sailing enthusiast owner, Grace.

Based in the beautiful city of Charleston, Murphy enjoys beach runs and sailing adventures, always ready to steer the ship (or at least pretend to) while keeping customer success sailing smoothly.