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Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about Phocuswright Research here.

General FAQs

Custom research
Special Projects
Use information and/or chart in my presentation/article
Quote from Phocuswright for my publication/website/press release
Subscription options
Phocal Point
Purchase reports
Forward publication or article
Academic discounts

Subscriber FAQs

Share username and/or password
New research email alerts
Forgot username/password
Change assigned password
Access to Analyst hours
Access to Analyst hours use/frequency
Questions about published research or data
Conference discount
May assistant pass the information along to boss

General FAQs

Q. Do you do custom research?
A. Yes, in addition to our subscription research, we can provide custom research projects and multi-client research projects. Please email or call +1 860 350-4084 x501 for additional information.
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Q. What are Special Projects?
A. Special Projects are multi-client topical research studies dedicated to answering tough questions about travel, tourism and hospitality. These are deep-dive, in-depth explorations into the most important markets and topics impacting the travel marketplace. For additional information, please email or call +1 860 350-4084 x501.
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Q. Can I use information and/or a chart in a presentation or article I am writing?
A. You may use select data points from our charts and data tables as long as you Phocuswright is properly sourced. All Phocuswright Inc. publications are protected by copyright. If you have questions on what is appropriate or not, please contact [email protected].
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Q. Can I get a quote from Phocuswright for my publication/website/press release?
A. Phocuswright does not prepare quotes specifically for press releases or other marketing materials. However, companies who have purchased research from Phocuswright are allowed to quote excerpts from Phocuswright's published material with proper attribution. Information may also be quoted from Phocuswright's Research Insights articles with proper attribution. All Phocuswright Inc. publications are protected by copyright. If you have questions on what is appropriate or not, please contact [email protected].
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Q. What is the difference between your subscriptions?
A. Open Access is a subscription-based service featuring business and marketplace intelligence for the travel industry. Phocuswright's travel intelligence illuminates the technologies, products, companies and trends that are driving change in our industry. We offer discounts for startups, universities and destination marketing organizations. Open Access+ is an enhanced version of the Open Access Research Subscription that includes all the features and benefits of the Open Access subscription plus enterprise-level access to Phocuswright Special Project deliverables published since 2017. For additional information, please email or call +1 860 350-4084 x501.
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Q. What is Phocal Point?
A. Phocal Point – available with the Open Access subscription – is Phocuswright's interactive data product suite that allows users to explore Phocuswright’s proprietary travel industry data, compiled and curated by our expert analysts. Featuring flexible, interactive charting, Phocal Point strips away the surplus, letting you quickly drill down to the numbers and nuances that are most relevant to your business. Phocal Point also includes the State of Startups interactive database, allowing you to sort and filter a list of over 2,500 companies founded since 2005. Learn more about here. For additional information, please email or call +1 860 350-4084 x501.
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Q. I'd like to purchase one of your publications. What are my options?
A. Review Phocuswright's research library. Any item with an "Add to Cart" button is available for purchase. Explore a company-wide Open Access subscription to access all publications.
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Q. Can I forward a report or article to an associate?
A. Open Access subscribers have enterprise level access so internal report sharing is allowed. All Phocuswright Inc. publications are protected by copyright. It is illegal under U.S. federal law (17USC101 et seq.) to copy, fax or electronically distribute copyrighted material beyond the parameters of the License or outside of your organization without explicit permission. Except for a single copy made for personal use only, you may not copy, produce, modify, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute, electronically or otherwise, any Phocuswright research reports in any form or by any means without prior written permission from Phocuswright Inc.
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Q. Does Phocuswright offer academic discounts?
A. Yes, Phocuswright offers discounts on reports for individual students (75% off list price – single user license) looking to access research for specific academic projects. Please note: A valid university-related email address is required to complete your purchase. We also offer a discounted Open Access subscription for universities. Contact us for more information.
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Subscriber FAQs

Q. May I share my username and/or password with a colleague or co-worker?
A. You may not share usernames or passwords. However, an Open Access subscription provides access to Phocuswright's research library for your entire company, so anyone with an approved email domain can create their own account:

  • Click on "Activate" in the top right corner of
  • Enter your email address
  • An activation validation email will be sent
  • Complete the brief form and set up your password
  • Log in and start using Phocuswright research!

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Q. I don't want to go to the website every day to check the new research posted. Do you send notices when something new is posted?
A. Yes, we send email Alerts to notify you of new research, webinars and other subscriber-related notices. If you have activated your Open Access account and signed up to receive emails, you will receive Subscriber Alerts.
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Q. I forgot my username and/or password.
A. Simply click the 'Forgot Password' link in the Sign In window. If you are still unable to log in, please contact us.
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Q. Can I change my assigned password?
A. Yes, after you log in, click 'My Account' in the left navigation. Type your new password in the 'Password' and 'Password Confirmation' fields, then click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page.
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Q. What is the Access to Analyst Hours benefit?
A.Access to Analyst hours are defined as the total time needed to fulfill an inbound client inquiry related to existing Phocuswright research. Subscriber inquiries will be fielded and triaged by the Customer Concierge team. Hour estimates and turn-around times will be communicated to the client prior to work beginning. Typically, the Customer Concierge team will respond to an inquiry within one business day with these estimates, however depending on the request, actual delivery time will vary. Types of inquiries include:

  1. Clarification questions via email/phone call including methodology questions and deeper understanding of analysis in published reports
  2. Requests for presentations/calls discussing published content and market trends
  3. Data cut requests
  4. Applications/interpretations of our data on a specific market

Additional Access to Analyst hour requests above and beyond contracted amount will be charged at US$500 for every two-hour increment. Note, Customer Concierge inquiries (onboarding calls, demo requests, technical troubleshooting, librarian requests) do NOT count towards Access to Analyst hours and are unlimited for each client.
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Q. How often may we use the Access to Analyst Hours benefit?
A. The number of Access to Analyst hours varies depending on the subscription level. Please contact us or view your agreement for additional information.
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Q. If I have a question about what research you have published or where I can find a particular data point, does this count toward Access to Analyst hours?
A. No, basic customer concierge questions are not counted towards your Access to Analyst hours.
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Q. Do subscribers receive special pricing to Phocuswright conferences and events?
A. Yes. ALL EMPLOYEES of the subscribing company receive a 10% discount off the prevailing price of The Phocuswright Conference and Phocuswright Europe at the time of registration. Use the discount code "client" when registering. (NOTE: Discounts may not be applied to special onsite or early-bird ticket pricing.)
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Q. I am an assistant. Can I have an account, but pass the information on to my boss?
A. Yes. Open Access subscribers have enterprise-level access so internal sharing is allowed.
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