PhoCusWright's Money Edition Subscription

The Watergate figure Deep Throat said it for the ages: To know what's going on, you have to follow the money. PhoCusWright's Money Edition Research Subscription helps you follow the money in a time when the travel, tourism and hospitality business is transforming faster than ever.

PhoCusWright's Money Edition

Lorraine Sileo, vice president, research, discusses the PhoCusWright Money Edition Subscription.

What is The Money Edition?

The PhoCusWright Research Subscription: Money Edition helps frame every financial decision travel suppliers, intermediaries and investors make, from acquisitions to how much cash, talent and inventory to commit to specific channels and emerging markets.

The Money Edition uncovers the long-term financial effects triggered by investments of capital and other resources, providing bold analysis of trends, deals and startups. The subscription takes a longer-term, more strategic view than Wall Street research, highlighting tomorrow's stars – and the upstarts that threaten to disrupt today's leaders.

Subscribers get inside analysis and content including:

Who Needs The Money Edition?

The subscription is ideal for C-level executives, corporate development directors, revenue managers and others who need to test decisions on channel selection, prospective mergers, or build-versus-buy choices. In addition, it is a vital guide for investment professionals who can rely on The Money Edition's actionable data and long-term insight to properly evaluate investment opportunities.

Why PhoCusWright?

PhoCusWright is the most credible and quoted source for data, information and analysis in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Our analysts and researchers are sought after by travel suppliers, intermediaries, associations and corporations around the world for speaking engagements, consulting projects, custom research and critical assessment. PhoCusWright's team is focused specifically and solely on the travel, tourism and hospitality marketplace and our research is accessed and used by thousands of people at hundreds of companies around the world on a daily basis.

Subscription Editions

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