Sponsor a Project: Stages

What are the Stages of a Typical Special Project?

  1. PhoCusWright presents a project overview to potential sponsors over a 90-day period. Sponsors sign up for the study during this time frame and agree to the appropriate costs.
  2. The Kickoff Call: PhoCusWright analysts and the sponsor's team have an initial call to discuss specific points of interest and success factors.
  3. PhoCusWright analysts drafts surveys and interview discussion guides as outlined in the project prospectus, incorporating core points of interest as established in the kick-off call. Each sponsor that signs up prior to the review deadline has the opportunity to provide input into surveys and interview discussion guides.
  4. The research phase of the project commences (e.g., surveys, interviews, focus groups), as outlined in the prospectus.
  5. PhoCusWright analysts tabulate results and analyze findings, preparing an in-depth PowerPoint deliverable containing all project findings for each sponsor.
  6. Each sponsor receives a group or individual Webinar presentation, depending on sponsorship level. The PDF copy of the summary report, produced as an additional output from the research serves as the final deliverable.


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