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U.S. Skier and Ski Traveler Report

US $995 €881

Skiers and snowboarders are a unique bunch – passionate about the slopes, excited to share their experiences, and busy planning their next ski adventure the minute the last one ends. They also happen to be a travel marketer's dream demographic: young, tech-savvy, and flush with disposable income that they're happy to spend on complex ski trips. Phocuswright's U.S. Ski and Ski Traveler Report digs into the details about this crowd, providing valuable insight about their behavior, attitudes, and motivations, including their shopping and buying habits. It also highlights the differences between skiers from various geographical regions, enabling marketers to tailor their strategies to the customers they want to attract.
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Report | Published: July 2013
Free For: Global Subscribers

U.S. Consumer Travel Report Fifth Edition

US $1,495 €1323

While the U.S. economy showed clear signs of recovery in 2012, there were enough mixed signals to make vacation decisions difficult for many Americans. Through a longitudinal analysis, Phocuswright's U.S. Consumer Travel Report Fifth Edition examines traveler behavior along each step of the travel planning process - from the media travelers rely on to make destination and product decisions, to the channels they use to book and share their trip experiences. Key metrics include frequency and duration of trips, travel expenditure and travel component purchases, and travel intentions for the coming year.
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Report | Published: April 2013
Free For: Global Subscribers

India Consumer Travel Report

US $995 €881

Phocuswright's India Consumer Travel Report provides a complete picture of the new Indian traveler: who are they, how they travel, how they shop, and what they want.
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Report | Published: May 2012
Free For: Global and Asia Pacific Subscribers

European Consumer Travel Report Second Edition

US $1,695 €1500

Understanding the similarities and differences among travelers in France, Germany and the U.K. is essential for travel companies building brands in these distinct markets. Gain the consumer insight you need to thrive in Europe's competitive travel marketplace with this report.
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Report | Published: October 2011
Free For: European and Global Subscribers