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How the Deep Web, Big Data, Semantic Relationships and Personalized Content Change Travel Marketing

US $450 €399

Not long ago, selling travel was viewed as a somewhat generic, three-step process: shop, check (availability and pricing) and book. Today, powerful technologies are converging which enable marketers to leverage personalized content that is tailored to the unique needs of the individual traveler at all stages of the travel life cycle. This Spotlight examines the ways in which travel marketers can tap these technologies to drive brand loyalty and enhance customer lifetime value (CLV).
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Spotlight | Published: August 2014
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U.S. Consumer Travel Report Fifth Edition

US $1,495 €1326

While the U.S. economy showed clear signs of recovery in 2012, there were enough mixed signals to make vacation decisions difficult for many Americans. Through a longitudinal analysis, Phocuswright's U.S. Consumer Travel Report Fifth Edition examines traveler behavior along each step of the travel planning process - from the media travelers rely on to make destination and product decisions, to the channels they use to book and share their trip experiences. Key metrics include frequency and duration of trips, travel expenditure and travel component purchases, and travel intentions for the coming year.
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Report | Published: April 2013
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Travel Innovation: The State of Startups 2005-2012

US $795 €705

Phocuswright has consistently chronicled the evolution of online travel, technology and innovation. Since 2008, The Travel Innovation Summit@The Phocuswright Conference has showcased well over 100 startups and travel industry innovators. This Spotlight examines more than 500 startups founded and funded since 2005, tracking the companies, categories and regions that have attracted the most attention (and capital) during this period.
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Spotlight | Published: April 2013
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Travel Innovation and Technology Trends: 2012 and Beyond

US $500 €443

Heads up, travel companies: 2012's host of technology trends – including new developments in social e-commerce, business intelligence and content fragmentation – will have huge effects on the future of travel distribution.
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Spotlight | Published: April 2012
Free For: Innovation Subscribers

European Consumer Travel Report Second Edition

US $1,695 €1503

Understanding the similarities and differences among travelers in France, Germany and the U.K. is essential for travel companies building brands in these distinct markets. Gain the consumer insight you need to thrive in Europe's competitive travel marketplace with this report.
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Report | Published: October 2011
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Presentation - On the Edge of Optimism: Key U.S. Traveler Insights

US $199 €176

This one-hour recorded Phocuswright Webinar explores the behavioral trends, motivations and intentions of U.S. travelers. The package includes the audio recording and presentation deck of the July 13 Webinar. Discover the status of consumer travel in the U.S. and insights into key indicators for the upcoming year.
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Presentation | Published: July 2011
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Travel Industry Standards: Fish or Cut Bait

US $350 €310

Creating a global electronic marketplace for travel requires standards that enable learning, shopping, and booking across a multitude of points-of-sale. While some standards have been established, most segments are still too fragmented and there is still much to be done. What are the next steps, and who will make them happen?
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Spotlight | Published: December 2009
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