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Mobile Marketing: How Are Consumers Reacting?
Analysts: Norm Rose
Analysis | Published: October 2011

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Publication Summary

In simplistic terms, mobile marketing is about selling and promoting products and services on a mobile device. This marketing can reach the consumer through a wide variety of media: For example, an ad could come as an SMS message on a feature phone, an interactive display on an iPad, or a location-based coupon on a downloadable smartphone app. The common element is that the recipient gets the message or ad on a mobile device. However, the extent of the user's "mobility" may vary – he could be at an exotic destination, at home on his living room couch, or surfing the Web on his tablet while watching TV. For the travel industry, mobile marketing has broad implications. By its very nature, travel involves mobility, and smartphones have quickly become a standard companion for most travelers.

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The Adoption of Retail Mobile Marketing

Location Sensitivity and Relevance of the Offer


Social Influence

The Future of Mobile Travel marketing