Phocuswright Research Subscription

European Edition

  • How can you make your business exploit the growth wave, improve marketplace positioning and gain competitive advantage?
  • What is the best way to strategize growth in an increasingly dynamic distribution marketplace?
  • What can you do to ensure you get things right in the world's largest industry … an industry simultaneously laden with uncanny upside while fraught with historic hurdles, unconventional competition and new rules?
  • How do you connect with and engage tomorrow's customers while sustaining solid relationships with today's customers?*

Phocuswright's in-depth research and analysis equip you with answers to these questions … and more.

What is The European Edition?

The European Edition is an annual, subscription-based, syndicated research service focused on Europe-specific research. Featuring an efficient feed of business and competitive intelligence for the corporate and leisure travel, tourism and hospitality marketplace, it delivers a 360-degree view of a strongly fragmented European market.

The European Edition provides market forecasts, segment data, consumer survey information, insight and commentary – industry standards up and down the travel distribution chain – and delivers subscribers invaluable information.

  • Identify local players and their significance throughout the European market, and within each specific market.
  • Techniques on how to navigate the strongly fragmented European market.
  • Risk reduction strategies for better informed decision making, investments, partnerships, etc.
  • Consistent and comprehensive data, eliminating critical data gaps; insight of key market drivers for better forecasting.
  • Important trends in travel technology.

Our analysts, having worked closely with so many companies for over a decade, publish relevant research and information on an ongoing basis – unprecedented in scope and scale for this industry – that can significantly help your team develop sound strategy and make competitively advantaged decisions.

Why Phocuswright?

Phocuswright is the most credible and quoted source for data, information and analysis in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Our analysts and researchers are sought after by travel suppliers, intermediaries, associations and corporations around the world for speaking engagements, consulting projects, custom research and critical assessment. Phocuswright's team is focused specifically and solely on the travel, tourism and hospitality marketplace and our research is accessed and used by thousands of people at hundreds of companies around the world on a daily basis.