Canadian Online Travel Overview Fourth Edition

Canadian Online Travel Overview Fourth Edition Published December 2017 Analysts: Cathy Walsh, Alice Jong, Bing Liu, Lorraine Sileo


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Despite the country’s uneven economic performance and a fluctuating Canadian dollar, the Canadian travel market has remained strong over the past several years and is projected to grow 6% in 2017. The growth reflects travel’s importance among Canadians and the country’s appeal as a destination. This report presents findings on the Canadian leisure travel market, including sizing and projections from 2015-2021, analysis of key segments, distribution dynamics, major players and more. Drawing on a survey of Canadian leisure travelers, it also features a range of metrics and trends on consumer travel, including trip frequency and length, destination selection, booking methods and more. 

Specific topics include:

  • Size of the Canadian leisure travel market, total vs. online and mobile
  • Market forecasts through 2021
  • In-depth analysis of all major travel supplier segments
  • Supplier-direct vs. intermediary bookings
  • Key consumer trends: travel frequency, average trip spend, travel motivation, destination selection, booking behavior and more

Purchase this report for key insights, data and trends on the Canadian largest leisure travel market.

  • Overview
  • Methodology
    • Market Size and Forecasts
    • Consumer Travel and Behavioral Information
  • Size of the Market
    • Mobile
  • Consumer Trends
    • Key Metrics
    • Seasonality and Destination Selection
    • Booking
  • Suppliers
    • Airlines
    • Hotels
    • Tour Operators
    • Car Rental
    • Rail
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Partner and Sponsors
US $995 
CA $1,237 • £723 • €813
FREE for Global Subscribers
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