Powering Great Decisions

A new subscription service from Phocuswright, a champion of smart decisions and strategic innovation in travel.

Our data-only subscription, Phocal Point, gives you access to relevant and timely travel industry data, in a unique, easy-to-navigate format. Leveraging the power of structured, interactive data and charts, Phocal Point lets you dive right in and get the numbers. If you need to understand current and future trends, or budget, plan and forecast confidently, Phocal Point is an indispensable tool for your arsenal.

Phocal Point aggregates robust financial and operating data sets from hundreds of travel-related sources, automatically updated on a regular basis. In addition, the subscription includes proprietary Phocuswright charts, compiled and curated by our own team of travel industry analysts. Featuring flexible interactive charting and dashboarding, Phocal Point strips away the surplus, letting you quickly drill down to the numbers and nuances that are most relevant to your business.

Use Phocal Point's powerful charting functions to compare financial information from company to company and across travel segments (air, hotel, cruise, car rental, etc.). With its flexible, easy-to-use design and navigation, you can:

  • Create and save custom views
  • Add data elements
  • Download and export data (Excel, PDF or PowerPoint)
  • Manipulate by vertical
  • Compare and contrast economic factors
Regions covered include:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
How is Phocal Point different from other Phocuswright subscriptions?
Unlike our other research subscriptions that are based on reports, articles and other long-form content, Phocal Point is all about the data – accessible via online, interactive charts.

How does Phocal Point fit with other Phocuswright subscriptions?
It complements other subscriptions. For a 360-degree view into what matters most to your business, supplement your other subscription(s) with Phocal Point's data-focused metrics and intelligence.

Phocal Point is a single point of access for proprietary and public company data, providing context and support for your strategic planning and budgeting. Dig into the data to understand current and future travel trends in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Identify market and growth opportunities specific to your business.