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68% of all travelers used a general search engine at some point while planning. (53% Google, 21% Yahoo, 14% Bing) #PhoCusWright

When it comes to travelers who use search engines to plan travel, 48% use Google only, 20% do not & 32% use Google + others . #PhoCusWright

34% of travel planners do not have specific travel websites in mind & rely on search engines to guide them. #PhoCusWright

"User reviews are powerful social media tools that impact purchase decisions" Carroll Rheem #PhoCusWright

The most common use for search engines is to view/compare prices for hotels (followed by reading reviews) #PhoCusWright

There is a stronger tendency to use general search engines on mobile. #PhoCusWright

After implementing rel=Author, travel marketers reported an average increase in #CTR of 20-30% #PhoCusWright

Who wins the content war? Sites with optimized images, video, structured data (RDFa, Schema) and social graph. #PhoCusWright

Is your social content synched with your SEO strategy? #PhoCusWright #ThirdDoorMedia

48% of Webinar attendees have a mobile friendly version of their website. 17% have utilized responsive web design to adapt to user needs

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Statistics and trends from PhoCusWright's Reading Between the Links: Why Travelers Use General Search Engines: