@PhoCusWright Twitter Stream from the Webinar: Key US Consumer Travel Trends

These statistics are from PhoCusWright's U.S. Consumer Travel Report Fourth Edition


In 2011, 10% of US travelers took 6+ leisure trips #PhoCusWright Full report: http://bit.ly/JzZga6

30% of US travelers plan to take more leisure trips in 2012 compared to 2011 #PhoCusWright

Annual household travel spend: 28% of US travelers plan on spending more in 2012 vs. 2011 #PhoCusWright

41% of US travelers spent less than 2% of their income for travel in 2011. (Wallet share) #PhoCusWright

Wallet share (travel spend as a percentage of income) is a great indicator of consumer confidence #PhoCusWright

Numbers: 92% of US travelers stayed in paid lodging at least once in 2011. 64% flew. 57% did both. #PhoCusWright

Users of destination websites in the selection process slipped from 22% to 19% #PhoCusWright

Simple yet powerful: "Ease of use" remains the top reason for choosing a particular website (followed by previous exp, prices/offers, trust)

In 2011, 16% of US travelers used #mobile (websites & apps) in the travel shopping phase. (Compared to 11% in 2010) #PhoCusWright

In 2011, 32% of US travelers booked travel online only. 29% booked online AND offline. #PhoCusWright

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