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Statistics and trends from:
PhoCusWright's India Pacific Online Travel Overview Fifth Edition: When Fast is Not Fast Enough
PhoCusWright's India Consumer Travel Report


India has undergone tremendous modernization in infrastructure & telecom; surge in social networking - @julienberesford #phocuswright

India has second largest #YouTube population - @julienberesford #phocuswright

Indian travel market rose 13% to $19.3 billion in 2011 - @jain_deekay

Indian online travel market was over $6 billion, or up to a third of total market. - @jain_deekay

Typical Indian traveler is a male, well educated and earns less than Rs. 1,000,000/year #phocuswright

Use of regional languages is predominant, but English is widely read in India. Opportunity for print & online communication #PhoCusWright

60% of leisure travel is selected independently in India. #phocuswright

Indians are traveling less with family and more with friends between 2007 and 2011 #phocuswright

Young Indians are taking shorter, but more number of trips and spending much more on travel. #PhoCusWright

Future travel plans are optimistic. Travelers plan to take more domestic trips and spend more. #phocuswright

Loyalty programs and redemption don't drive much travel demand in India #phocuswright

Half of all Indian travelers use personal recommendations during destination selection, 37% use printed brochures & websites #PhoCusWright

Search is responsible for 70% of destination selection in India. Social sites are second at 45%, highest for any market #PhoCusWright

31% of Indian travelers usually or always book travel online #phocuswright

Offline booking in India increases with the traveler's age, while online booking stays stable #PhoCusWright

Personalized service is the biggest factor for booking travel offline in India #PhoCusWright

60% of online travel bookers in India are smartphone users #PhoCusWright

40% of Indian travelers sought advice from friends on social networking websites about which travel product to purchase #PhoCusWright

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