PhoCusWright Special Project: Skier & Ski Traveler Study

Profile, Attitudes and Behavior of the U.S. Skier and Ski Traveler

Passionate and driven, ski travelers represent an attractive and lucrative traveler segment. For many, a desire to hit the slopes is an important travel motivator that drives their leisure travel decisions. Yet, to date, there has been no industry-wide market research on how skiers and ski travelers search, shop and buy.

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Skier and Ski Traveler

Tahnee Perry, Director, Marketing

This Special Project provides a complete picture of skiers and ski travelers, yielding insight into their demographics, attitudes, behaviors and preferences. A comprehensive survey of U.S. skiers and ski travelers (i.e., skiers who have traveled to ski in the past season) will analyze the factors influencing destination and product selection, identify shopping and buying patterns, and uncover social media and mobile usage trends.

Sponsor this Special Project to effectively target and sell to the largely untapped ski and ski traveler segment.

Research topics include:

Skier and Ski Traveler Profiles

  • What are the demographics of skiers and ski travelers?
  • What are their attitudes towards ski, travel and technology?
  • How often do they ski, how often do they travel, and how much do they spend?

Travel Trends

  • What drives the ski vacation?
  • What inhibits ski travel?
  • Do skiers fly or drive to their destination?
  • When do skiers travel to ski?

Destination and Product

  • What drives destination selection?
  • What types of products and services are skiers and ski travelers purchasing?
  • What factors influence product selection?

Shopping and Buying

  • What shopping and purchase methods are used?
  • What are the dynamics of advance purchase, and how does this vary for travel versus ski components?

Social and Mobile

  • How do skiers use social media and mobile?

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Multiple sponsorship levels are available. Deliverables can include (depending on sponsorship level):

  • Findings, analysis and recommendations delivered electronically as an in-depth PowerPoint presentation
  • Analyst presentation via private or group webinar
  • Branding and publicity acknowledgement and rights
  • PDF copy of a summary report that can be shared internally
  • Client kickoff call to provide key points of interest
  • Input into the consumer survey in an interactive process
  • Tabulated survey results delivered in Excel format
  • Custom and proprietary survey questions
  • Custom data tables for additional analysis

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