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European Airlines: New Competitors Exacerbate Marketplace Challenges
Analysts: Ivan Bekkers
Spotlight | Published: June 2012

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Publication Summary

The European airline industry is on the road to recovery. While the numbers look optimistic – traffic trends are positive throughout 2011 and total traffic increased. Numbers alone don't provide the full picture of what's happening in the airline segment. The dynamics and structure of the industry have undergone massive changes in the past several years. The European Union's successful liberalization of the air transport industry, on the heels of U.S. air deregulation, has ushered in unprecedented growth in air transport and introduced many new entrants and business models. From 1987 through 2007, deregulation across the European Union (EU) introduced the market to many new players. Deregulation first came into effect between Ireland and the U.K., and soon after, airlines throughout Europe were free to service the EU market.

Table of Contents

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Key Findings

Market Overview

Cost Considerations Cause Transition

A Market in Transition - Consolidation and Bankruptcies

2009: A Turning Point

Changes in the Travel Product

Distribution Strategies

The Direct Distribution Debate

Europe's Airline Industry Faces New Challenges