Custom Travel Research

Customized Travel Intelligence

Phocuswright Custom Research puts a team of experienced Phocuswright analysts to work answering your company's unique research questions.

Phocuswright Custom Research

Phocuswright Custom Research

Whether you are expanding into a new region, launching an innovative product or simply need to improve your market positioning and subject matter expertise, Phocuswright can give you the answers you need to succeed.

Custom Research projects are tailored to meet your specific requirements using a range of carefully designed research methodologies. Phocuswright's solid, actionable data and nuanced analysis enable Custom Research clients to make sound strategic decisions.

Phocuswright Can Help You

  • Understand consumer behavior relative to your brand and objectives
  • Benchmark your company's performance against competitors
  • Optimize your strategy for launching a new travel product, solution or business
  • Refine your market positioning and messaging to improve results
  • Identify threats and/or opportunities in the marketplace
  • Devise a strategy for successful expansion into new markets
  • Highlight your subject matter expertise as a strategic advantage in your promotional and marketing campaigns
  • Put Phocuswright's credible "stamp of approval" on the topics of greatest importance to you


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Segmentation Analysis

Create your own segmentation analysis by having Phocuswright analyze data from our recent consumer surveys covering a range of topics. LEARN MORE


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