Custom Questions

Custom and Proprietary Questions

True market intelligence is not static: each company has its own set of customers, competitors and strategic goals. It is not enough to know that new trends are on the horizon, you need to understand how they affect your products and brand.

PhoCusWright Custom Questions enable you to get the brand-specific answers you need for a fraction of the cost of fielding a custom survey. PhoCusWright analysts can help you create high-impact custom questions to include in any of PhoCusWright's annual consumer surveys.

  • Understand the preferences and behavioral trends relevant to your customers
  • Get raw data delivered in Excel and a PowerPoint summary containing expert insights on your custom findings
  • Leverage the power of the complete survey with proprietary tabulations that cross-reference your answers against all other questions in the survey

Add Custom Questions to any of the annual consumer surveys below:

U.S. Consumer Travel Report

Provides an overview of consumer travel trends in the U.S. and insights into key indicators for the upcoming year. (Fields annually in January*.)

2 Questions US$8,000
3 Questions US$10,000
4 Questions US$12,000

* Agreements must be signed by December 13, 2014; questions finalized by December 20, 2014.

Traveler Technology Survey

Analyzes how the U.S. consumer interacts with technology before, during and after travel. (Fields annually in mid-summer).

2 Questions US$8,000
3 Questions US$10,000
4 Questions US$12,000

European Consumer Travel Report

Studies traveler attitudes and behaviors in three key European markets: France, Germany and the U.K. (Fields annually in spring.)

2 Questions US$10,000
3 Questions US$12,000
4 Questions US$14,000

Segmentation Analysis

Create your own segmentation analysis by having Phocuswright analyze data from our recent consumer surveys covering a range of topics. LEARN MORE


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