How Technology is Driving Change in Corporate Travel Distribution

How Technology is Driving Change in Corporate Travel Distribution Published June 2016 Analyst: Norm Rose


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The business travel market is one of the most profitable segments in the travel ecosystem. Corporate or managed travel represents the largest spenders on travel in the world. As a discipline, travel management has matured as corporate travel managers drive cost savings through negotiation, compliance to policy and automation.

The pressure to change in the managed travel segment is coming from two sources: the frequent business traveler and travel suppliers. The frequent business traveler feels empowered by mobile technology and is demanding more relevant personalized services that reduce travel friction. Meanwhile, travel suppliers are seeking greater customer intimacy and want to personalize their offerings for their best customers. These trends are taking place within a shifting distribution environment where technology is driving change.

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Challenges and Opportunities
    • Mobile everywhere but many lack a strategy
    • Open booking and the quest to capture out-of-channel sales
  • Supplier Direct Booking Strategies
    • Hotel direct bookings
    • NDC: The airlines control the offer
  • The Impact of Emerging Technology
    • Intelligence
  • Summary: Managed Travel – Can the Status Quo Survive?
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