Global Travel E-Commerce Conference (GTEC)

September 21 - 23, 2015 | Sichuan, China

The Global Travel E-Commerce Conference (GTEC) focuses on the travel industry in China and how it has evolved. It also explores why it's imperative to keep China at the center of your strategy – considering both the growth in the market as well as what the destination has to offer. The 2015 GTEC theme is "Internet Plus" – embracing technology to offer a seamless distribution and customer experience. Technology can overwhelm at times but, if adopted properly, it can also offer simplicity.

GTEC is based in the Mt. Qingcheng mountains in Sichuan, the birthplace of Taoism. GTEC adopts the Taoist philosophy of applying simplicity to achieve greater wisdom and success. "Internet Plus" centers around embracing technology to simplify and succeed.

Attend GTEC to learn from global achievers (international CEOs) in the online travel space who are leveraging technology to shape the future of China's travel landscape.
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Phocuswright Fast Track at GTEC

On Wednesday, September 23, Phocuswright will present its event-within-an-event: Fast Track. The half-day Fast Track segment features keynote interviews, executive panels and two research presentations, during which Phocuswright analysts delve into the latest consumer and technology trends driving the market. These Fast Track sessions help you fill your arsenal with the tools you need to edge out your competition.

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Phocuswright Fast Track Program
Wednesday, September 23

09:30 – 09:40 Phocuswright Fast Track Opening Keynote
Tony D'Astolfo, Managing Director, Phocuswright Inc.

09:40 – 09:55 Phocuswright Research Spotlight: State of Startups
Presenting findings from new research on the global state of travel startups – compiled from in-depth analysis of more than 700 companies launched since 2005 – this spotlight explores where travel's entrepreneurs are devoting their efforts, and how investors are deploying their assets.
Chetan Kapoor, Research Analyst, Asia Pacific, Phocuswright Inc.

09:55 – 10:25 Executive Roundtable: Travel Tech Talk
Technology has and will continue to have a dramatic impact on the travel industry. From distribution to marketing to sharing, innovations are changing the way consumers search, shop and buy travel. In this session hear from a panel of subject matter experts who will dive in and explore where it’s all headed.
Tony Chen, VP, Google China
Simon Hauswirth, Vice President Strategy and Business Development, Kuoni Travel Management, Ltd.
Bobby Healy, CTO, CarTrawler
Shiju Radhakrishnan, CEO,

Moderated by Charuta Fadnis, Senior Director, Research Phocuswright Inc.

10:25 – 10:35 Mid-Morning Coffee Break

10:35 – 10:50 Phocuswright Research Spotlight: Consumer Travel Trends
Travel is back in a big way in the U.S., and other markets are rebounding as well. This spotlight will leverage brand new research from a flagship Phocuswright report that analyzes the consumer travel search-shop-buy process, including sources of information and types of websites used.
Marcello Gasdia, Director, Consumer Research, Phocuswright Inc.

10:50 – 11:20 Executive Roundtable: King Consumer
The name of the game for any travel company is attracting and retaining customers, but that's easier said than done. Enabled by technology and a thirst to explore, tracking the more elusive traveler is the key to success, and in this panel, we hear from a group that is tasked with doing that on a daily basis for some of travel's biggest companies.
Robin Harries, Head of APAC, Trivago
Tim Hughes, Vice President, Business Development, Agoda
Paloma Meng, Chief Representative, Asia,
Zhou Tao, Big Data Professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology
Karthik Venkataraman, Head of Business Development, Ezeego One Travel and Tours Limited

Moderated by Maggie Rauch, Senior Research Analyst, Phocuswright Inc.

11:20 – 11:44 Executive Roundtable: A View from the Top
Hear from a panel of CEOs in this hot topics session that will cover a range of challenges and opportunities facing the global travel industry.
Metin Altun, CEO, MetGlobal
Gaurav Chiripal, CEO, Quadlabs
Kei Shibata, CEO, Venture Republic
Haiquan Song, Director, Langzhong City Culture and Tourism Bureau

Moderated by Tony D’Astolfo, Managing Director, Phocuswright Inc.

11:44 – 11:45 Phocuswright Fast Track Closing
Tony D'Astolfo, Managing Director, Phocuswright Inc.

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GTEC Featured Speakers

GTEC Featured Speakers

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GTEC Program Highlights

Monday • September 21
Exploratory Visit: Chengdu High-tech Enterprises (Invitation Only)
Young Leader Summit
Ice Breaking Evening Party

Tuesday • September 22
FAM Trip
CEO Closed Door Session (Invitation Only)

Wednesday • September 23
Phocuswright Fast Track
Keynote Presentations
Trade Fair
CEO Roundtable
Dinner Reception and Cocktail Party

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