Revenue Management MasterClass

PhoCusWright has teamed with IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the industry's leading experts in revenue management, to deliver a superior educational experience at an affordable price.

Revenue Management MasterClass presented by IDeaS and PhoCusWright

PhoCusWright and IDeaS partner to present IDeaS Revenue Management MasterClass - A revolutionary way for hoteliers around the world to train their staff on the key principles of hospitality revenue management. For a longer overview, please see the video below.

A revolutionary way for hoteliers around the world to train their staff on the key principles of hospitality revenue management.

Designed for organizations seeking to develop a more advanced revenue management culture, the MasterClass program harnesses the power of media to allow travel professionals to learn directly from a preeminent revenue management expert. This one-day seminar combines interactive e-learning, classroom activities and instructor guidance for up to 25 attendees.

Learn directly from a world-renowned revenue management expert.
Each of seven modules presented during the seminar is preceded with commentary from Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, president and chief scientist at IDeaS Revenue Solutions. Dr. Mehrotra shares over 25 years of revenue management expertise to share key strategies and tactics, providing insight into concepts such as market segmentation, pricing and forecasting.

Maximize understanding and retention via the unique MasterClass pedagogy.
The Revenue Management MasterClass combines the latest technology with group collaborative learning. Attendees benefit from an immersive rich media experience within a live classroom setting. Instructor guidance encourages attendee engagement throughout the seminar, increasing both understanding and retention.

Benefit from superior-quality education at an affordable price.
The MasterClass approach enables hoteliers to overcome the high costs of hiring subject matter experts or traveling off-site. The efficient one-day program brings the expert to the audience, providing an unequaled educational experience while minimizing employee time away from daily tasks.

Stand-alone e-learning system.
Take advantage of the powerful Revenue Management MasterClass course via e-learning for your company. Empower your employees around the world with best-in-class education on this critical topic. E-learning makes it affordable and scalable, and the IDeaS Revenue Management course is transitioned expertly by PhoCusWright's MasterClass platform.

Empower employees throughout your organization to master the fundamentals of revenue management.
IDeaS delivers content tailored for hoteliers that clearly and effectively explains the revenue management discipline. The sessions are ideal for attendees representing a broad range of departments, including revenue management, sales, catering, front office, reservations, food and beverage, and housekeeping. The Revenue Management MasterClass can help your organization boost its revenue management expertise and optimize results.


  • Improved results by increasing your team's revenue management expertise
  • Learning from industry experts
  • Advance your organization's revenue management culture
  • Superior quality education at an affordable price
  • Minimal operational downtime with an efficient one-day program
  • Rich media experience within a live classroom setting that improves engagement
  • Also available as a stand-alone e-learning program for maximum scalability


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